Thursday , June 8 2023

Written by Zion Williamson, Jay-Z of Duke Blue Devils


If there is anything about Sien Williamson in his new season at Duke.

Even Jay-Z can not sit in court.

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Williamson scored 25 points in his first ten shots. 2 and Blue Devils failed at a clinic in Jeff Capley hostel, Pittsburgh and hockey double assistant.

The next conversation was changed to Jay-Z, the best rapper of all time, Williamson and the team member RJ. Barrett (26 points) watched.

"It's like a dream," Williams said, "For me, he is gotta."

Jayaji's representatives reached Pitts a few weeks back.

Williamson said that the song "WW Dreamy" was in the prettiest playlist.

"When he gets out of his team, you're watching," Oh my God, that's he, "he said.

The newcomers are not unnoticed. The Pittsburgh quarterfinal Kenny Pickett also played in the game.

Williamson arrived between 9 and 9 in the first half. The seven assists and seven breaks ended with 11-off-13. He said he did not start his heat. And he did not. His colleagues were working on him.

"I do not know [at halftime]I & # 39; re 10 points now. I do not do anything, "Wilson said," I've come here, what I've got to say, I'm like dang.

Preparations for Blue Devils are recorded in the 2018-19 season, only in ESPN +. View on ESPN +

Williamson and Barrett Prabhu recruited a café in front of the deck.

When Williamson trained a Oklahoma at Texas, he last said an opponent until he scored a decade before decades. Longwarnance was initially a new face as Kevin Durant in early 2007.

Kapful remembers that he will have 20 points from the first half.

"I do not know [that night]"We can not do anything in this regard," said Capel. "Like Zion, he is the most unique and the best.

The information from Associated Press was used in this report.

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