Wednesday , October 5 2022

With 44 more discoveries now known as the California Fire and Fireplace


She added: "I have to go, that's what I can think of: I have to keep driving because if I do not, I will not let anyone come here here."

Erin McCloud and 81-year-old Elizabeth Mézona lived in Magadla in the north of Paradise. But a few minutes later, they hit the gridlock traffic after spike. The sky darkened with dark and the smoke boosted. They were able to burn a small fire. However, they do not have any motion.

The 58-year-old McLaughlin, outside the paradise, saw several Percy commanders near Pepsi truck, near a house. Conditions worsened, and all the tanks were exploded.

"Next, let's get out of your vehicle, run," McCliglin said.

There were 75 vehicles in the parking lot of the nearest Chinese restaurant. They camped for the next six hours.

"All around you fire." That was the most awful thing I've ever seen. "

They have never come to the rescue before they can escape. On a Sunday parish tour, a tour took place in the fire. The restaurant was burnt.

The evictions also occurred in the moments of piracy.

The nurse could not get rid of the nurse after registering the truck. Instead he arrived at the main hospital, the Adultist Health Feather River hospital. He also co-treated the injured neighbors. They were hospitalized with a hundred mile patients and helicopter. Finally, they all did it.

But even now, even in the security of his family, Pierce's death-approach was stuck with him. "That's a very hard time," he said. "When my eyes drop at night, I perceive a fire."

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