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Warren Buffet in Boston & # 39; Investor, who has been warned by this warning, defied Davis


When a leader in the world's largest economy summons his heads to the financial stimulus system, the rest of the world is paying attention.

On Tuesday, investors should be able to accelerate the social stability of the Chinese President C Jinping and his Communist Party leaders at the top of the "Black Swan" program and "Gray Rennon" complete and neglected to the economy and above all on the radar.

The Xi leaders saw the biggest growth rate in 2018. The worst since 1990 is to promote POTUS to "stop realizing a real deal and going around China". Of course, one contract is the only contract to end the closure of the closest partial part of history. (Read in buzz).

BrightGator Associates Rao Dolio, the World Economic Forum in Tony Alpine Town, has been facing many difficulties from the World Economic Forum. Looking at the next economic downturn, it stays at night. Fight against it.

That leads us Call the day, Is from Seth Clermann, head of the bogus group, one of the world's largest hedge funds. He certainly was not in Davos, but warned of the huge dangers that investors ignored, the hall has become. According to the New York Times, which saw a copy of it.

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Social friction is a challenge for the world's democracies. We can only wonder when investors can give more attention. "Leadership for the stumbling, because he believed investors would be able to leave Pottes on Twitter and more than the globally" isolated America ".

Clarkman, also known as Oracle of Boston, is a Berkshire leader in the list of fans

BRK.B, + 2.87%

BRK.A, + 3.01%

Warren Buffett has warned that after the 2008 financial crisis, defective debt has fallen from large debt.

The US, especially if it can reach a "point point", will not borrow from a global market market-friendly price. When the crisis arises, it will be too late to draw our home. The "complex" investors are not only ignoring these dangers but are taking more risk, he says, making it harder to find where to invest now.

Want ideas? Baron presented 48 investment ideas from Goldberg's Abbey Joseph Cohen to the global bargains from Dolphline's Jeffrey Guntlak's gold funds.

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YMH9, -0.60%

S & P 500

ESH9, -0.66%


NQH9, -0.76%

All futures are red. Friday, Dow

DJIA, + 1.38%

S & P 500

SPX, + 1.32%


COMP, + 1.03%

A fourth victory was achieved.

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Asia had a tragedy along with Shanghai Compassite

SHCOMP, -1.18%

Sliding 1.1%. Europe stocks

SXXP, -0.30%


Crude oil is at risk off


Price, with Gold


A little dollar

DXY, + 0.12%



Let's talk about global economic uncertainty Today's chart Goldman Sachs. This is likely to reduce the risk of stocks globally.

Goldman's underlining? A major team headed by chief equity engineer David Costin said that the major stake in "Strongly Differential Growth and Limited Deposit of Financial Operations". Amazon – Information Technology and Communication Stocks tick the boxes

AMZN, + 0.18%

Alphabet, GoDaddy

GDDY, + 1.40%

And Fortunate

FTNT, -2.96%

One of their favorite names.


The International Monetary Fund said in a function organized by World Economic Forest Davis. The IMF's global growth projection has been cut from 3.5 per cent to 3.5 per cent.

The US is ready to get Meng Vansu, who is the chief financial officer of Huawei from Canada, for allegedly having links with Iran. It is interesting to note that Pottes went to Twitter on weekends. Stocks last week raised energy supplies to ease pressure on the US to cut pressure on China.

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This is a big week for revenue through UBS

UBS, + 0.89%

For a while, some news delivered in Europe. Johnson and Johnson

JNJ, + 1.24%

IBM Corporation

IBM, + 1.33%

Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

AMD, + 2.57%

All reports are on Tuesday.

IBM returns: Emerging Tech is expected to account for half of the sales since the revenue declined

And: Tech is ready to respond to doubts on Wall Street, but does not seem to have a holiday idea


TSLA, -12.97%

The report said that electronic car manufacturers have brought the model 3 to Europe.


GOOGL, + 0.74%

The European Union's latest data has been imposed for a $ 57 million fine imposed by Google for violating privacy laws.

The economy

In some cases the post-shutdown data dump will intensify. The existing home security is then tap, and the Masset's Manufacturing Index data includes purchase and management services among some highlights we've taken.

Partial shutdown enters its 31st day. Democrats refused new proposals to protect the young women illegally brought in the country illegally bringing in $ 5.7 billion.


According to a survey by US business leaders Narendra Modi, a 63 percent decline in one year has been reported by the PVC. The total survey by 1,400 CEOs showed a 29 percent growth in the next 12 months.

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