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UK Ready Vaccination Drive; Jobs to Get Started in the US: Virus Update


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The UK will launch immunizations on Tuesday amid plans for a celebrity-led advertising campaign. Vaccinations can begin in the US as early as Friday

Queen Elizabeth II, the 94 – year – old emperor of the United Kingdom, will receive the vaccine as part of the country’s first wave. Jobs in Switzerland will begin in January. Following the re-emergence of the cases, South Korea imposed strict social and segregation measures.

California set another record for infections, and now more than half of the states face new regulations. The New York City explosion was similarly aggravated. Mortality is rising sharply across the US.

Major developments:

Global tracker: more than 66.6 million cases; The death toll was 1.53 million UK. Vaccinations will begin on Tuesday Corona virus is a major issue in the election in Romania Pandemic corona virus end costs Corona virus vaccines hurt Christmas tree sellers Fischer and Biotech are trying to make 50 million vaccine doses this year.

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Map: Kovid-19 Vaccine Tracker

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Kovid-19 Vaccine Tracker

Queen Elizabeth II to receive the vaccine (4:42 pm HK)

Queen Elizabeth, 94, and her husband Prince Philip, 99, will receive the Kovid-19 vaccine, developed by Pfizer Inc. and Biotech SE, within weeks, the MailOnline reported on Sunday. Health officials hope the royal couple will publicize their immunizations and help health officials combat anti-vaccination conspiracy theories. Some British people are skeptical of taking the job. In 1957, the Queen was informed that Prince Charles and Princess Ann had received polio vaccines, which helped increase popular support.

The Mirror reports that UK celebrities Monti Python founder Michael Palin, Bob Geldof and Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood have all hinted at getting the vaccine. The UK is set to deploy the new vaccine on Tuesday.

Switzerland Radies Vaccination Programs (4:30 pm)

The Covid-19 immunizations are due to begin in Switzerland next month and be completed by the summer, Virginie Maseri, head of the infection control division at the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, told New Sorcher Zeitung. It will oversee the distribution of 26 cantons in the country and plan up to 70,000 immunizations per day.

Russia sets new record for cases (4:21 pm HK)

Russia’s Virus Response Center reports that 29,039 new Kovid – 19 cases were reported in Russia yesterday. This is higher than the previous day’s high of 28,782, bringing the total number of cases to 2,460,770, the fourth highest in the world.

Widespread immunizations for frontline workers and other high-risk workers began in Moscow on Saturday.

UK Covid restrictions may be lifted before the end of March (4:02 pm)

Health Secretary Matt Hancock told the Telegraph that the UK could ease corona virus controls by the end of March following the approval of the vaccine.

Taking a vaccine will “bring to the fore the moment we can escape these explosive restrictions,” he said. “But until then we have to follow them.”

Hancock said the government will also launch a large-scale publicity campaign put forward by celebrities and other credible voices before Christmas to support vaccination efforts.

Fly on UK military vaccines to avoid Brexit rush (3:30 pm)

The Guardian reports that the UK government is preparing contingency plans to import vaccines from Belgium using military aircraft, following concerns that Brexit failures could cause loggjams at ports.

South Korea tightens sanctions as cases rise to nine months (2:53 pm HK)

Prime Minister Chung Sai-kyun said on Sunday that the warning on social distance for the larger Seoul region had been raised from two to 2.5. All gatherings of more than 50 people will be banned, and restaurants will continue to ban serving customers after 9pm, and only take outs and deliveries will be allowed. Spectators will not be allowed in sports.

In South Korea, 631 cases were confirmed on Sunday. The highest death toll was reported in nine months. The total death toll rose five times to 545. Chung acknowledged that the large Seoul area, which includes the capital Incheon and Gyeonggi province, will make up about half of South Korea’s population, leading to the latest move.

“The situation in the larger Seoul area is dire,” Chung told a central disaster and security counter-attack meeting at Seoul City Hall. The 2.5 level will be maintained for the next three weeks until the end of the year.

Someone standing in a room: School disinfection before college entrance exams

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School disinfection before college entrance examination

Disinfectant on December 2 at Baekyong High School in Aniyang, South Korea.

Photographer: Xiongjun Cho / Bloomberg

Pfizer seeks emergency permit for vaccine in India (1:09 pm HK)

According to the Press Trust of India, Pfizer India has applied to the Drug Regulator of India for approval for the immediate use of the Kovid – 19 vaccine, and the company’s parents have been granted treatment in the UK and Bahrain.

The news agency quoted an unnamed official as saying that the company was trying to import the vaccine into India without the need for clinical trials for locals under the special provisions of the New Drugs and Clinical Trials Rules 2019. . Pfizer is the first drug maker in India to apply for a permit, the report said.

Australian police charge two quarantine dodgers (12:14 pm HK)

The Australian State Police were responsible for lifting the mandatory hotel shipwreck when two German nationals arrived in Sydney before boarding a flight to Melbourne.

New South Wales Police, which reviewed the circumstances of the incident, “recognized that both passengers were mistakenly allowed to go to Melbourne,” the Army said in a statement Sunday. As a result of this incident, the police practices and systems at the airport have been reviewed and strengthened.

A 53-year-old woman and a 15-year-old boy arrived at Sydney International Airport from Tokyo at 9:45 a.m. Saturday to check on the pair. After clearing all the passengers were taken to a bus to the hotel ferry but the two advised the police to book a flight to Melbourne.

UK prepares for ‘historic moment’ with vaccine deployment (8:01 AM)

The UK government has bought 40 million doses, enough to inject 20 million people on a two-dose regimen. Shots will be given priority, and the first vaccines will go to those in care homes, workers, and those over 80 years of age.

“This coming week will be a historic moment as the immunization against Kovid-19 begins,” UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock said in a statement. We do everything we can to ensure that care home staff can overcome the vital challenges of vaccination. ”

The plan calls for more than a thousand centers to be showcased across the country in the coming weeks, with the first job expected to be delivered on Tuesday.

More than half of California to face new restrictions (7:42 a.m.)

Southern California and San Joaquin Valley will be included in the state stay-home order after capacity in the intensive care unit falls below 15 percent.

The ICU capacity in the San Joaquin Valley, a relatively rural area that includes Fresno in the central part of the state, has dropped to 8.6 percent. In Southern California, which makes up more than half of the state’s population in the area that includes Los Angeles and San Diego, the proportion has dropped to 12.5%. The order will close the list of areas, including bars, wineries, hair salons and personal care services.

California added 25,068 new cases, bringing the total to 1.3 million. Out of a total of 19,791 deaths, 209 new deaths have been reported.

Doctor Says US Covid Shots Can Start Friday (2:21 pm NY)

James Hilreth, a member of the FDA’s vaccine advisory board, told NBC News on Friday that the Kovid-19 vaccine, developed by Pfizer Inc. and Biotech SE, would be used if approved by the Food and Drug Administration for emergency use.

The panel will vote on the matter after reviewing the vaccine information at a meeting on Thursday.

“If the FDA commissioner decides to approve, the European Union will see vaccinations being carried out across the country from next Friday, the day of the vote,” Hildreth told NBC’s “Weekend Today”.

Close-up of a stuffed animal: Bubble Santa appears in the lights at a Broadway event

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Bubble Santa appears in the lights at the Broadway event

On December 5, Santa Claus greets a child inside a bubble in Oklahoma.

Photographer: Nick Oxford / Bloomberg

Merkel says Germany can keep costs down (6:15 pm HK)

Ahead of the parliamentary vote on next week’s federal budget, Chancellor Angela Merkel said Germany could spend “huge sums” next year to help the economy through the Corona virus campaign.

“We were able to deploy large sums in 2020, and we can do this in 2021 because our finances have been well managed over the years,” Merkel said. She said this year’s debt stimulus measures are essential to prevent very costly bankruptcies and job losses.

Germany will spend 6 6 billion ($ 7.3 billion) to vaccinate against the corona virus.

“That’s a lot of money,” Health Minister Jens Spann said at a conference in Berlin on Saturday. Still, “it costs more to keep it under control,” he said.

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