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Trump Federation Chairman, Changing Climate Change, Threatening to Stop a Post-Independent Interview in a Puddin Meeting

President Trumpt stock market took responsibility for the collapse. The General Motors closed this week and announced on Tuesday in the Federal Reserve that personal guilt for the cracks in the economy was "no more joyful". He is the chairman of his choice of Central Bank.

"J" Powell, named after Jerome H, who was nominated for 20 minutes in a broad and sometimes refusing 20-minute interview to The Washington Post, was nominated for him. When asked about unemployment in Wall Street and about dismissal of 15 per cent in GM's announcement, Trunk responded by criticizing high interest rates and federal policies. He said that he is not anxious about the recession.

"I'm a client, I'm not federal," said the trump. "They're wrong, because my ghost makes me want to say more than someone else's brain."

He added: "I'm still so happy with my choice of choice, even a bit, I do not blame someone, but I'm saying that the federal is moving forward."

The Trump threatened not to meet with President Vladimir Putin in Argentina because of his rivalry in Ukraine with the Russian President Vladimir Putin in the opening of the bilateral summit in Argentina.

Trunk, who was asked whether Putin was thinking about the possibility of his rights to seize three ships and their ships on the evening of Tuesday evening, was awaiting a "complete report" from the National Security Council on Tuesday. "It will be very important," said the trump. "I will not be meeting, perhaps I will not be meeting."

President Trump also questioned on Tuesday that the CIA had ordered the murder of a Saudi prince to kill a journalist. (Jaibin Boetsford / The Washington Post)

Asked if there was anxiety for the American people, the Tupu responded to Putin's actions more frequently than he had mentioned earlier.

"I do not like that attack," he said. "I do not want that assault, of course." On the way, Europe should not like that attack, and Germany does not like that attack. "

Last week, the federal government's landmark report was also rejected by the TRUMP. The president said that I do not see climate change as human manufacturing and do not believe scientific consensus.

"Many people like me have a lot of intelligence for me, but we do not believe such believers," Trump said. "You look at our air and water, which is now a record clean."

The president added on climate change. "I'm not human or not, do not think there are any of the things you talk about there or not."

The weather forecast for Friday was a major threat to America's health and economic security and the country's basic infrastructure, and refused to comment on the national weather forecast on Friday. Natural resources.

The CIA's assessment of the CIA has questioned the crown prince of Saudi Arabia for killing journalist Jamal Khashogi, who had contributed to The Post. He said the crown prince Mohammed bin Salman repeatedly denied having a close relationship with an oil-rich desert. Country.

"Perhaps he did, and he probably did not," said the trump. "But he does not say that they did not do it, but they did not say this in the matter."

Even if a trade meeting is not scheduled, the group will closing at 20.

The CIA said he had ordered the murder of Khashogi. These findings have been shared with lawmakers and White House. While the intelligence analysis is rare, the Imamatri, the Iron Ops and the Trump repeatedly emphasize that there is no evidence to convict Muhammad's offenders.

However, the CIA assessed Mohammed's role as a source of many communications, including communications communication. In October, Khaboogi was observed from Istanbul's Consulate in Istanbul. The Saudi government reviewed the control of mobile operator Mohammed.

Meanwhile, Robert S. Lee, the Russian intervention in the 2016 elections, The trap said he "does not intend" to stop Muller III's special adviser.

"That's Muller's investigation, and it continues," he said. When provoked by whether he will be ready to end the inquiry, the trap stopped short of taking clear oath.

"For almost two years this question has been made about me," he said, at what point Kulzler called Kelly a convey "a thousand times".

The trump continued: "In the meantime, he's still there, but he's still there, so I have no intention of doing anything."

The President refused to discuss Muller's allegations against Paul Manfred on Monday Asked if the investigating companies would lie a number of times or use presidential powers to assist his former president,

"I do not want to record, because I do not want to get the whole thing," he said. Later he added: "At some point I can write about it, but I do not want to."

The Trout introduced the idea of ​​removing the Middle East US forces. The reason for the withdrawal of oil is cheap.

"We're just going to be on that part of the world, because a reason is Israel," Trump said. "Oil produces more oil than now, so you know, soon you reach a point where you do not have to live there."

Tremp said three US soldiers were killed in Afghanistan in Afghanistan this year. "Very sad" He said the military presence in Afghanistan continues this week.

The President said that prior to Christmas, perhaps, the visit of the military is under consideration. "I will do it right at the right time," he said of a visit to a zone, which would be president first.

In the interview, The worst criticism of Troy was reserved as his federal chairman. In response to a question about the rising rift in the economy, Trump repeatedly said, "I can not blame someone". And many more Interest rates will go up this year.

The tumblr post was posted on Tuesday, after The Post's interview Blamed Company chief executive Mary Barraa also threatened the plantation clearance and petrol and suppressed all government subsidies for the auto guide.

This summer, similar to Harley Davidson's cruelty, Fed's Trump Chromosom, Milwaukee-based Motor Cycle Company has been working in some foreign countries, so the White House and foreign leaders.

The stock market has plummeted in the coming weeks. The trump is disturbing. Because Democrat, the Chinese government and the central bank blame any financial weakness.

In his interview Harry Truman had kept a sign in his desk. "Here we are here" – the tram did not take personal responsibility.

The Federal Reserve is the central bank of the country, which sets the rate of interest payments or money borrowing. Customers and businesses get a higher rate of credit, which underpins the pressure below the economy.

At the time of the International, the economy of Trample affected its actual performance. When he reached office, unemployment rate was declining. However, many jobs are returning to the US from abroad, he said.

In addition, the stock market rose 38 percent after he came to power. Dow Jones, who was less than President Barack Obama's first two years of power, has risen by 25% since his swearing-in.

The United States has had a very low interest rate for more than a decade, and federal officials are slowly trying to get backward. Many economists believe that higher interest rates are a way to manage inflation and prevent the exploitation of the economy.

Powell was sworn in as chairman earlier this year. Since then, Federal Bank has raised interest rates three times.

"Federal Reserve vice-chairman Donald Cork said:" The federal Federal Reserve is doing what to do and what it's doing.

Brake Delong, professor of economics at the University of California at Berkeley, said the federal response to last year's tarpaulin-backed financial system would be a short-term financial plan

Delong said that the Federal Reserve will not put forward the interest rate hike. "That's why the trump was purchased during his federal assignments, and why is he surprised?"

Powell led the Treasury Secretary Steven Munich to lead Travorpore Central Bank. Because Powell was an economist, he was given extraordinary assignment. Obama first worked as a federal governor despite working in the former Republican White House. At the time of fundraising, Payel was then chaired by Chair Jane L. Jellen used the slow speed growth strategy strategy.

Repeat Trump Jell In postHe was attracted to him in an interview, and explained the encounter after the people said. But without reshuffling, the advisors said that he was interested in work.

The president also hung up on the height of Jallen. He was speaking to colleagues in the National Economic Council. He said the 5-foot-in-them economists were not adequate to lead the central bank.

പവൽ വിടാനുള്ള തീരുമാനത്തെക്കുറിച്ച് ചർച്ചചെയ്തുകൊണ്ട് ട്രംപ് പറഞ്ഞു: "നോക്കൂ, ഞാൻ ശുപാർശകൾ സ്വീകരിച്ചു. ഞാൻ ആരെയും കുറ്റപ്പെടുത്തുന്നില്ല. "

ബ്രാഡി ഡെന്നിസ്, ആനി ഗിയേരൻ, ഷെയിൻ ഹാരിസ് എന്നിവരാണ് ഈ റിപ്പോർട്ട് നൽകിയത്.

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