Wednesday , March 22 2023

The notice was issued to Thomas Kurian, Google's former Oracle Executive, to go to the cloud business.


Dine Green Three years after Google's cloud business, they stepped down. She will continue till the first year to help transform Thomas as his successor. At the end of September Oracle, he relinquished the company. He tried to change the company's cloud division into a more entrepreneur. He took the cameras with an unusual goal of the company.

Green was appointed by 2015 to bring an order and enterprise expert to the company's cloud business. She moved them through that path and when the cloud business was grown, it was not enough. There have been silence in months for the end of Green.

So, Kurien, who spent two decades as an invincible company against Google. He worked in the traditional enterprise software company Oracle. Oracle was difficult to transition with a cloud company. Bloomberg reported in September. There was a disagreement with the chair lorry Elizson about the cloud strategy. Kurien wants to make Oracle software available in public clouds such as AWS and Azure (Google Cloud). Ellison does not agree with him, and two weeks later, Kurien announced that he was traveling.

Although Kurien's background seems logical to Google, remember that his thinking is growing. He took charge of thousands of products and moved to Oracle's Cloud. Google said that Google will investigate products of the products and the next Google club will be investigated.

Ray Wang, founder and principal analyst at Constalation Research, said Google has yet to learn to support the project, and believes that Kurien is the right person to help the company. "Kurian knows what works for cloud company's enterprise customers," Wang said.

If he is right, perhaps a former school enterprise executive demands the Cloud Division to become an enterprise friendly house. Google said Friday that the cloud is still the first day and Google has nothing to do with it. "Cloud space has a great opportunity throughout the end," they wrote.

That may be true, but the store floor seems to be stiff. The first one in the market is AWS, and most accounts are a large market with 30 percent hold. This is the only company with the market value of Micromax, double digit market share for their money and the same company. According to the Synergy Research, Amazon is a big market for the next four companies.

Google has always indicated that in Big3 cloud companies with AWS and Microsoft, it's a long way to get around 4 billion years of revenue from other companies. Despite the statements of Green, time has passed for a run. Perhaps Kurian believes that the company will urge the company to acquire a company that can not do more to reduce the workload to the cloud. At this point, Google takes it to do so.

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