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The group says the private property is building its own wall


"Climb, we start!" The group wrote a Facebook post, which was made of weekly films.

The CNN team observed control of the site near New Mexico-Texas State Line near El Paso on Monday afternoon. Chris Cobb, a former Secretary of State of Kansas's former Secretary of State and a long-time immigrant, spoke about the tools for building building as part of CNN projects.

We & # 39; We Build The Wall & # 39; Cobble, an advisor to the council, said, "It's amazing how people can make a lot of money.

The half-length length of the site is almost complete, "he added. He said he would spend $ 8 million on construction of $ 6 million. The major contractor on the site: Fisher Industries, the North-based Dock-based company, President Trout has been fiercely directed to give government contracts for estimation of the boundary board, the Washington Post reported last week.

A spokesperson for the private trolley, which opposes the opposition to attempts to create obstacles to the southern boundary of the United States, promotes the supporters of Trouble and one of his various promises.

& # 39; Require gap to fill in & # 39; Filling

Steve Bannon, chairman of the Wild House Chief Strategist Steve Banon (W We build the Wall's Advisory Board) told CNN on Monday.

CNN was unable to confirm that the new building in the new part of the federal government-built Border Fencing was tied up.

CNN construction workers with heavy machine guns have observed the US-Mexico border near New Mexico-Texas border state.

"Border Patrol said it was the most important mile in the three, and the terrain of land was always excluded from the government list," Banan said. "That is what we are watching – the first difficulty to have the first difficulty in the project."

CNN approached US Customs and Border Protection Council.

Kobach described the area as a "necessary gap" as a prohibition against drugs and human rights.

"The whole idea is what we want to improve the activities of the federal government," Kobach said. "Let's make the gap between us and make that wall in the L-Passa."

& # 39; ll move & # 39;

Owner of CNN, who works with Jeff Allen Winbild, came to visit.

"They do an incredible job," he said. "For six years I have fought illegally in this property, and I love my country, which is a step forward in protecting my country."

CNN, director of the museum near the Mexican site, Daniel Garcia Salinas, said the new wall mounted rapidly over the weekend and turned the wheel horizontally behind Museo Casa de Adubi.

Garcia said that Friday afternoon he left the museum and did not have the facial features. New wall buildings were constructed on Saturday morning.

"They rushed out very quickly," he said.

According to Daniel García Salinas, the new Border is close to the museum, which is constructed along the border of Mexico.

We shared the different estimates of the construction of the building with the wheel build leaders.

When Banan said that a new wall was built in CNN, Cobff ​​said that a half-mile was built.

Kebab refused to clarify in what places the group in the future planned. But a site in Texas and a site in California are currently in the list.

The donation is over $ 20 million

& # 39; We can do this! Vetteran says in his request for the Border Wall Funds

Wall production has begun in December. At the time, founder Brian Colfage told the CNN he decided to go ahead with "our inactivity from our politicians".

GoFundMe's campaign was going on for $ 20 million. The average contribution was $ 67, said Kobach, who contributed more than 300,000 people.

Organizers said the new reports of questioning of a few donors were donated by millions and no construction was made, but the organizers said that the plan should be kept secret to protect the project.

"Remember that strong people want to withstand our progress and do not reverse radio silence." Kfage wrote in the Facebook shared with the group earlier this month. "The US Civil Liberties Union will file a lawsuit wherever and whenever we know our reputation."

On Monday, co-workers Coffe and other activists made their efforts in social media.

"Everyone who hates is just saying nothing!" Kolfage Wrote on Twitter. "Where's Jah Now's Baha'u?"

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CNN's Devon M Sayers and Laila Santiago reported from Sunland Park; CNN's Catherine E. Shoitset and Jeremy Diamond reported from Washington. CNN Elliott C. McLaughlin and Chris Boit attended the report.

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