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The FDA warns parents not to give children the honey


Parents warn that food and drug administration (FDA) should not allow their children to honey. Four bottles of Texas have developed after bottling of pottery and warned about it.

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<p class = "canvas-atom canvas-text Mb (0) – mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" content = "botilism is a rare and serious disease that is poisonous to the nervous system Disease Control and Prevention Centers. Controls of the eyes, faces, mouth and throat can cause the weakness of the muscle muscles. This will extend to the neck, arms, arms and legs. Botulism is to weaken the muscles used to lung and therefore become especially dangerous. "Data Reactivative Center for Disease Control is a rarely serious disease that attacks body fluids, and can easily start with the weakness of muscles that control the face, mouth, throat, and neck, which can extend into the neck, arms, legs and legs, especially dangerous.

Bottling has been the source of sources, including sources of low-acid canned foods, reduced bacterial infection, and soil and dust. However, when chewing grows into the heap, bacteria and honey that cause childhood bottle disease that develop illness and produce toxine.

Honey can be given to older children by MD MD Amed Adalja, senior scholar at Jones Hopkins Center for Health Security. At that point, preventing bottling of bacteria that children grew up and produced by toxin developed other types of bacteria in their digestive tract.

Experts say that this warning is not known as parenting news. "A pediatrician should remember that you should not give honey when your parents are under 1 years old." Jina Paskner, Memphiser at Fountain Valley, Pediatrician at the Orange Cost Medical Center, Calif., Yahoo Lifestyle. "I recommend that all caretakers should not have honey, which is a real risk."

"All of the bottling is dangerous, but the chicks are more likely to be honey," says Adalah.

If your child accidentally makes honey – perhaps a grandparent has given them something in the pacifier before learning what's in it – do not panic. "Every little honey baby does not go to botanyism," says Adalah.

Canvas-Atom Canvas Text MB Posner says: Instead of looking at your baby and looking at the signs of weakness in their muscles, "If they feel sick, make sure your child has a doctor and eat food", "says Adalaj South Africans. "Cikitsikkappetunnu with beattulisam anrirreaksinukal. CDC He says. However, it does not redirect the defects you have already done. Posner says, "Doctor can not do anything to stop the spontaneity," says Posner, rather than your baby's attention, their muscles or their weeping coughing. "If they feel that they are getting well, make sure your doctor will be a doctor to be bees," Adalajah cites Botulism antitoxins, preventing bottling from further harm, but the CDC says that it does not override what it has already done. "Prevention is decisive," says Posner.

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