Sunday , April 2 2023

The case of Duke Bacterial meningitis affects the university student


A Duke student has been admitted to a pubic hospital for bacteria. The university said that they will approach those who are close to the student.

The Doctor Student Health Department works with Durah County Health Department. The University website announced today.

Duke de Duceet reported that the relationship should end with saliva or sore throats. Such a relationship can be made with drinks, utensils, kisses or a long time lamb.

Experts familiar with the infected student took a message from the university doctors. The Duke Today article says that taking antibiotics as "preventive measures to minimize risk" will help.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that the drugs caused by bacteria are very serious and can lead to depression or disability. In the United States between 2003 and 2007, 4,100 cases of mortality and 500 deaths were reported. According to a study from the CDC website, This is shown in a study on the CDC website.

Questions, including those who have offered campuses to ThankxGiving, will contact Duke at 919-681-9355, or in Durham County Health Department in 919-560-7600.

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