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Studies show that cold drinks are more diabetes than other fructose foods

Drink sweet drinks – such as soda – may help you develop a special type of diabetes by increasing other fructose-containing foods.

Last year, British Medical Journal (BMJ) researchers at St Michael's Hospital in Toronto said: "Sweet drinks are more dangerous than most fatty foods and are more likely than those of type 2 diabetes, hospital sources said.

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Fruits and vegetables, honey, natural fruit juices etc are naturally dieted foods. "It does not seem to bring harm to blood glucose levels." But the sweet drinks are "extra nutritionally" energy [that] There may be harmful effects. "

Researchers at St Michael's Research concluded that "people with diabetes who have been in the 12 weeks of age have evaluated the effects of various food sources of blood glucose in the amount of chocolate.

Some fruits and fruit juices suggest that these foods "do not provide extra calories." Researchers say that "glucose, insulin control, especially diabetics in the blood" can be beneficial.

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This research will help the recommendations of primary food sources to prevent diabetes prevention, said John Savinpiper, the lead author of the study. Nevertheless, he noticed more research on this subject.

A 2010 study by the American Diabetes Association suggests that For those who drink a sweet drink every day "26 [percent] Development of type 2 diabetes is even more dangerous.

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