Monday , June 5 2023

Static Fire Spacefly Falcon 9, the first spacecraft in two years


The program was launched in the banner of B1051's One Merlin 1D engines for a full drive extension (WDR) and static firefighter for the second time, from Falcon 9, Cruze Drawn on 39A, NET Feb 9 to Feb 16.

These milestones are important for a variety of reasons, especially an amazing feature. Falcon 9, a static fire that was fitted with Craig Drake's (rocket's payload), is still connected. This is the first disappearance in 28 months – the failure of the last ATOS-6 failed Falcon 9 failure is the space XX pad stabilized on a static fire rocket.

In September 2016, when the space Xfalcon 9 rocket family disrupted the second tragedy, supercapular liquid oxygen surrounded the carbon fiber cores of the COPV, enough expansion to break the Ultra-High-Pressure Patel. The Phalkon 9 and its 200 million Amos-6 Satellite Payload were completely destroyed. But Launch Complex 40 (LC-40) has lost hundreds of millions of dollars and needs to be completely rebuilt for more than a year.

After AMOS-6, Space XXx suddenly stopped consumer payloads in Falcon 9 during a static fire used to save 24-48 hours after the static fire and launcher. Space X users Status Express avasyappettirunnuvenkil explicitly, in part, that the scope of the schedules to determine precisely the appointed time for some of the dozen (or preatsahanamuntayirunnilla a bit from the insurance companies) will raise millions of dollars for years to unnecessary risk and satellite peleadukalilekkulla A Ukku.

In the first phase, the Falcon 9 will ensure the presence of the Fraun 9 degree Craigslist is completed for 38th SpaceF Standard Activity for 38 Falcon 9 between Day 6 and today. Only on the special needs of the launch customer – in this case, NASA. Demo X's experiments show that the Dragon of Demo 1 (DM-1) is an expensive and important and expensive unexplored spacecraft, and it checks for the manipulation, change of millions of jobs, and the manipulation of NASA and sometimes intrusive needs.

If Drac 39 A is a constant fire, the Falcon 9 B1051 fails to crawl around the dragon and may result in the completion of DMRS's crawl dragon and a modification of a six-month delay flight test. FanChann 9's NASA's satisfaction is likely to be resolved. However, the DM-1 capsule and trumpet damage caused the space launch of the XXx early launcher to cease. Depending on an insight-development check that the DM-1 capsule can use, degrees can not be prepared since August or September 2019.

NASA may have been asked by the Kruce Dragon for Falcon 9 on this solid fire for a complete desire to completely trust the experimental atmosphere and data. Craig dragon hydrogen (MHH / Nto) is fully energized and ready to come when a rocket breaks down.

Why do they feel that they are more susceptible? Whether it's quite a mystery or a final-tested experimentation, the risk is the same. Falken 9 has successfully tested the theory, as expected, should work fully. Amos was 6's Falcon 9.

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