Wednesday , March 22 2023

Sharjah Morsi hospital shoot: Many people, including gunmen, were injured


CHICAGO: A man shot at a MERS Hospital. He had shot his former wife before being shot before another. Two injured, including a burst, dead body. .

Shooting took place from 3 am to 3 pm. Central Time. Chicago Fire Officer Two women were shot dead and one of them – in the park, was a doctor in Mersi. A shooter from her exterior, said a source ABC7. Both were taken to other hospitals.

The identification of the shooters and victims was not immediately available.

Despite having "excellent care", the police officer was shot and Antony Guglieli, the Chief Communications Officer of Shikakas Police, Says tweets.

A SWAT team responded to a 292-bed hospital located 55 near Interstell-Bronzeville, a historic black neighborhood in the south loop neighborhood. The buildings, including the National Teachers Academy, were attacked. Said Mrs. Hospital Later on a tweet The incident ended and all patients were safe.

A pharmacy technician in Merisi Donnaldon said: "She realized that drugs could be a victim of drunkenness, and other technicians were locked up until the police arrived.

"It's incredible, we came out with our hands and the whole lobby was all over the lobby," said Donaldson. "it's a shame."

Tracey Lyons says he will be able to continue to radiation treatments permanently. The SLT team explains how they can hear gun guns between police and shooting until they release some technical experts from a lab.

"It was just PA-POW-PUB," she said. "We thought we should not get out of there."

According to the Associated Press, James Gray had a presence in the ABC7 that he had shot several men. "It seems like people are turning back". In an interview with the Chicago-based CBS Chicago, several times she saw blood at the entrance of a hospital and shot several times. Another Witness saw someone killing someone else at a parking lot. The officers quickly responded and shot with the shooter.

Zen Richard J Dublin (D.Neel) wrote Tweet on a Monday evening He was praying for the victims of shooting and their families.

It was a terrible day throughout America because of two mass shootings near major cities.

According to the Associated Press, Police Lewis, a resident of Suburban, was looking for a gunman into a religious guard store on Monday, shooting at least one woman and raping a woman. Shot dead in hospital

The shooting was going on at 3.15 am. In a Catholic supply of St. Louis shop near Balvanen, in the St. Louis county in the west. The police had searched for a mansion of 5 to 7 o'clock in a large building. He said that he should be treated in an armed and dangerous manner.

According to a Danwar post, a man was shot dead at Downtown Lower Downtown or Ludo.

Keith Macmillan donated this report.

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