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Senate supports maconaon's repugnance on territorial withdrawal plans in Syria

Washington: The Senate member of the US Senate Sechmid McConnake has withdrawn from the polls on January 28, 2019. (Alex Wong / Getty Images)

The Senate Republicans supported MQ McCona, the president of the Republicans, in support of President Trembt to withdraw US troops from Syria and Afghanistan. In both countries, the Islamic State continues to vote to declare the threat to the United States.

This step will include amendments to the more middle-sisthil policy bill and the challenges faced by the House movement, particularly the provisions of the Israeli-Centralized Baha'is. However, the disappointing signal of the Republicans with the President of the Vote, in particular, has reached certain decisions made by the Commander-in-Chief.

The president last month announced that he would withdraw military officials from Syria In a Twitter post "We beat ISS in Syria, the only reason I was there when I was president of Trombay".

Repatriation campaigns continue to be an urgent one. Some of the president's next allies have been alerted to the dangers of withdrawal from the war zones that America has benefited, but al Qaeda and ISIS and their affiliate

The amendment, in particular, is referred to as terrorism known as al-Qaeda and ISIS, even though the Amendment recognizes the functioning of the terrorist organizations to withdraw. It will increase international cooperation for defense, diplomatic and sustainable actions in Syria and Afghanistan. "The withdrawal of US forces" from the ongoing struggle against these groups "can reorganize the terrorists, create destabilizing of specific sectors, create wording in Iran and Russia, and to US interests and our allies."

Republican Senators have warned that Kurdish militia workers in Syria would be weakened by the withdrawal of the US.

If the Senate's vote on Thursday's vote is to bear the burden or block the president from pursuing his plans, it is reported that Congressmen interact with the Republicans in the Middle East Policy. In the past, when Trank's criticisms and the threat of withdrawal of the alliance, the Senate supported two similar partnerships. A Council of Power last month to prevent the trout from using any federal funds to withdraw from NATO.

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