Tuesday , September 27 2022

Public Affairs with Facebook Deferred


Facebook ended the Washington-based consultancy firm Diners Public Affairs. Facebook has defamed the critics and experts in social networking.

In the New York Times article, the type of job defined for Facebook was explained. Faye contacted George Soros to execute the protesters opposing Facebook. The journalists were pressured to look at rivals like Google.

After publishing in the Times article, Facebook decided to end its relationship with Facebook. Reacting to the person who has no power to speak publicly. Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook executives, including Sheryl Sandberg, were not aware of specific tasks.

The company said in a statement that Facebook had been asked to spread false information and that Facebook had hidden their relationship.

A Facebook spokeswoman said, "It's not wrong to ask Facebook for using Facebook, or to write articles or commit to any untrue communication.

"The media was familiar with the relationship with Facebook, because we had sent you an invitation to hundreds of journalists for instant emails because we were not getting enough attention.

Demolsters were founded by experts from Republican President Campaign. Last year, Tim Miller, former DebNenist official and former spokesman for Jeb Bush, started a silicon volley. He is Because technology companies are grown up, the content of the company pushes badly on your company and the negative content that contradicts your company, "he said in an interview.

Facebook first appointed Definers to monitor news about social networks. Facebook's microscopic surveillance is about how to use socialist sites in socialist sites before the presidential election in 2017.

Earlier this year, the conservative website NTK Network began to publish stories that defended Facebook and criticized Facebook-like Facebook games. NTK is the affiliate of Definers.

Additionally, the billions liberal distributors, Soros, distributed a research paper that was recognized as an unacceptable force in the Facebook movement. Soros and social networking sites, including the Color of Change, the online racist justice organization and a progressive group, persuaded journalists to explore the financial connection between social networking sites.

An official in the Soros Open Society Foundation said that the group had supported membership groups but they did not campaign against Facebook.

We are proud to have participated in Facebook last year. All of our work is based on publicly available documents and information, "a spokesman said.

He added that the document relating to the anti-Facebook foundation sources was entirely realistic and was based on public records.

Mr. Miller Tuesday said on Twitter He blamed the allegation that anti-Semitic was related to Mr. Zoros. "I hate the high level of anti-Semitism, including people who have misled targeted people, it is deeply personal, and I have constantly fought against the right, others have propagated racist lies and hatred," he said.

After the article, other organizations began to re-evaluate their relationship with definitions. One of these is Crocod Media, which led the popular podcast by Podev Saved America. Mr. Miller is a permanent company for a podcast.

"We need to take the foundation of Tim's intervention in this work, in the meantime he will not make much bigger contribution", John Paul, John Laurat, and Tommy Whittor, among three in the podcast. Statement has been published On Twitter on Wednesday.

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