You know those beautiful bold colors that were supposed to make out Material Design? Yup, we've been kissing them for a long time now and it looks like they were stripped away from one more app on your phone: the Play Store.

A couple of users have started watching a new title, and replace them with a white one. It also takes away the green background behind the What's new section for changelogs and replaces it with white. It also takes away the gray background. The only real addition is a big green Install button.

There are plenty of other downloads and recommendations, as well as a mysterious lack of round indicators for download numbers, categories, and review score. The latter could be a sign that this UI is still in development, however, because they can not be … Google turned them completely white unless. I kid, I kid. Partially.

Below is the current interface I see on my device (left) and what shows up on the new design (right). So you can make your eyes on the disappearance of color and shape.

This does not seem to be a problem because we do not know how to add a bit of color or texture back.