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NFL Cleveland Bruce Greg Joseph Mannn United fan


After a bad play, we forget the mantra for each NFL player. It does not depend on that stronger idea than the kicker, especially if the specialized player often makes mistakes.

Rowla Cleveland's Bruce Kicker Greg Joseph expressed this mood in nine sporting senior games. The soon-to-be-remade browns attempted to establish his position.

ESPN points out 11 of the 13 goals in the season, while ESPN says, "Hold a short memory, bouncing next to kicking, and bouncing back."

Who arrived in September, disappeared, from where and who? When Bruce gave 21 to the Sane Gonzalez boot after losing saints, Joseph's public response to Joseph's signature was.

Joseph is now the only sportsman in the South African league. Born in Johannesburg, Joseph lived until his family moved to the United States in 2001.

"My family is from South Africa and my children are the first generation to be born there," he says.

"I went once a decade old, three years later, but I'm never out there, but I recall that I grew up, my school, my grandmother, my friends' homes, soccer fields I played."

Greg Joseph made his career in the Florida Atlantic, as Gregg Golf Kicker in the history of the program. Mike Ehrman / Getty Images

Like many South Africans, Joseph Manchester United supports United. This player is a fan of former football players like Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidie.

The former centerback back to the Springbox rugby team, while still in the American Heritage School in football, inspired him to keep his football in adolescence in order to find a taluk star.

"They tried to get out, I was looking for me to go out, but I did not want to go away from my mother … but I gave it the opportunity, and ran with it," he added.

Joseph completed his program at the factory Atlantic University at the end of his college work. Earlier this year, enrolled in NFL Draft signed by Joseph Miami Dolphins.

The 24-year-old continued her craft work to prepare another opportunity. When Cleveland Brauns signed Cleveland Bronze on September 17, he got it.

The most striking moment in the week's week was division rival Baltimore Revels. Joseph is left with a 37-yard kick for two seconds remaining overtime Browns won the second game of the season.

Although a fully-fledged NFL player has been trying to play with the Joseph's family in the US, a player is a member of a family member in South Africa.

"My half sister," said Joseph. She still lives there [the University of Cape Town] There she lives with her. She is a stream [the games] It looks to get out soon, it will be cold. The last person in the family. "

Craverland is in the winter, like Cat Swirls from Lake Erie, Joseph Fiel has to face field goals at the Ernst Stadium. Joseph says: "Just hold off, take your hand and go away, even for a week."

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