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NASA's Junction – BGR The twin peaks in it took an incredible photo


Larger storms on Earth can crash electricity lines and destroy even broken buildings, but this planet does not see the candle in the massive storms of Jupiter. The unthinkable cyclone of the last century is known as gas giant for wortex. A new photo taken by NASA's Juno vehicle shows a job of the largest Jupiter's size.

The Great Red Spot of Jupiter, the smallest but still big oval BA, has been a dramatic change in the past two decades.

"This new outlook captures a remarkable Great Red Spot and captures the huge storm of the oval BA," NASA says in a statement. Since the year 2000, the three storied and collapsed storms have reached its current limit. The double red-size Great Red Spot of Oval BA may have evolved from the same process as the pre-centuries ago.

Even those who stormed the storms of the tropics, merged into the Oval BA, and its shape began to evolve. According to NASA's notes, the cyclone will have a yellowish-white orange ring.

The photo was taken on December 21, 2018. Juno was shot from 23,800 miles to 34,500 miles. Photo color is enhanced to bring out more details than on a raw image.

In the recent years, scientists who have used the junoni's powerful tools have learned a lot about Jupiter and its gigantic storms. Surrounding large red-like storms on the ground was much more likely than the researchers determined with the information of jodos. In a study conducted in 2017, the Great Red Spot reaches an incredible 200 mile atmosphere and rapidly collapses.

Image source: NASA / JPL callteck / svRR / MSS / Gerald Instinct / Seyan Dooran

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