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Michelle has more stars than any other

(CNN) – Mikhail Guide, the famous French dining bible, and Tokyo, the world's best food destination.

This week's Michelle Tokyo Tokyo was distributed in 2019 by Japanese restaurants as 230 restaurants. 13 of them have three stars. Highest position. There are 52 stellar restaurants and 165 single-storied restaurants.

The new Tokio Guide 254b B Gourdahd restaurants also feature highlights: "Good food at affordable prices, good food", 35 hotels and reincarns.

All of these are far south than Japan's rivals. "Michelle Guido Guito or Osaka 2019" has 203 Michelin Star restaurants. There are 113 Michelin restaurants in Paris.

In 1900, Mbeit Guid became an international guide to the gastronomic university of France as a guide guide for the early fatalities in France.

Today, 28 words are collected in more than 25 countries.

Only a new 3-star restaurant

Founded in 1973, the French Fine-dining apartment, El Osier, promoted three stars from two stars in the Tokyo edition of the Tokyo Guides to the Tokyo 2016.

Only three-star list is new.

Kanda, Quantessance, Joe Rohuchun and Sukiyabashi Jiro Hoeten have retained their three star ranks since the song was first released in 2007 by the guide.

The 2019 edition faced by oily food and oceangreen is the first of its traditional Sushi Rice balls that are filled with filling and fille.

The Ryu Chinese Dining Tamah (Okinawa Resipe), Onigiri Azucus Yadoko, and the oldest Onyigiri Restaurant in Tokyo, the first among the guide guides in the Bib Gourd section.

Michele Guide Tokyo 2019: Three Star Stars

Coconut (Japanese)

Sushi saoto (sushi)

Makkera (Japanese)

Abbhu yukukura (Japanese)

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