LeBron James gained two Olympic gold medals for Mike Crosvides. The NBA champion has been a favorite of the Duke Head Coach three times.

Recently, James responded to Coach Kai The team of his stars is expected A message marked by a college decision in the future of LeBron James Jun.

"Coach k-boo! And when that little girl arrives, he's still headache."

Let's stir up the lebron into the pot, even if you want to play for his son's college too.

While Lebron James Jr. completes his high school career, he may not want to spend a year in college before he can jump to NBA – he's become a prospective prospectus. A single-time governance of the NBA will not be expected to change before 2021 draft.

Coach K is 71 years old, so LeBron James junior is likely to retire before enlisting the basketball or encouraging basketball.

Bruni visited Duke's campus and spent time with Zion Williamson in the summer.

LeBron said he hopes to have a chance to play with his son at NBA. James is expecting to play until he is 40.


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