Sunday , January 29 2023

Laura Cohen's Future With The Show, The Walking Dead & # 39; Issues are official statement


Lauren Cohen last appeared This season Walking dead Earlier this month, the fifth episode of the season came, "What comes is coming." If there is anything to do about Series Shower Anchal Kang and AMC Executive Scott Gimpl, Walking dead Fans are not yet ready to see Maggie's re-end.

In a statement read today He talked about being dead, And the forces that say that they like to act as actors again.

"The last episode in Maggi was 905 this season," He talked about being dead Chris Hodgk said when asked about the statement made by Kang and Jimble. "But Maggie's story does not end, we love Loren Cohen, we hope to bring her back to great program and beyond, and we've created a story for that service."

This statement echoes the comments of's Brandon Davis After the death Kang was able to bring Mangi in the 10th empire.

Prior to this season, Cohen and Cohen were co-owned Cohen and ABC Whiskey cavalierShe has a high build term. He told the company The time of Kohana in the whiskey cavalier To a certain extent.

"I hope that will work, we cross the bridge [when we get to it], "Said Kang in the series, debut in 2019.

"Lauren, I've had conversations, she's very eager to come back, even if she's not a full season, and she's working on it, and she's great, she's great, we have a good relationship, she still loves girlfriend, and sometimes our actors should have a little bit of their wings. It accepts. "

Sometimes Six years Immediately after the release of the rick from the script, Maggie's pilot prompted George's team to help. Cards Jill Atington.

Would you like to be excited at ten minutes in Maggie? Walking dead? Have you ever thought of Cohen's limited role in this season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Walking dead AMC on 9/8 C is to perform Sunday.

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