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Laptops with high performance content creation

NVIDI is part of a new laptop branding program that is part of their compulsory press conference this afternoon, calling NVIDIA STUDIO. Under the program, high end CPU and NVIDI GPU with high end radiation tracing, NVIDIA's minimal specs can take part in the NVIDIA STUDIO program and take the RTX studio badge. . The studio branding program aims to content creators, and Nvidia and its partners try to simplify the process of promoting and marketing high-end laptops that are suitable for content creation tasks by providing a specific brand.

Under the terms of the NVIDIA Studio Program, participation in laptops will require a list of minimum system requirements. It should be noted that this program does not automatically – that is, every laptop that deserves these specifications is automatically a studio artikl laptop – an opt-in program for laptop vendors.

NVIDIA Studio Branding Minimum Features
The elementLow spec
CPUIntel Core i7 (45W H series)
GPUNVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 or
Nvidia Quantro Artics 3000
Show1080 or so
Storage512 GB SSD
OtherMax-Q design

In short, the minimum specifications are like a modern high-level laptop, such as the Dell XPS 15 or the Razor Blade. The CPU must be at least 45W Intel Core i7 CPU – Low TPI i7s have fewer and lower performance – GPU side should include a hardware-accelerated ray tracing capable NVIDIP GPU system. This means that at least one of the GeForce GTX 2060 or Nvidia's new Mobile Quadro Artix is ​​3000 parts. The rest of the packages are relatively easy, with a lot of RAM, at least one SSD low-screen display. While not specifically mentioned in specifications, the hardware requirements are at least 15-inch laptops, and 17-inch laptops receiving RTX studio branding.

Laptops facing these features will also be submitted to NVIDIA for participation in the program, and then take RTX Studio branding. Branding also has a studio program featuring Geoffords and Quadro. There are also GPRU's Quadro Artics Studio and Geoffors RTX Studio Badges. The standard features of the common between the Quadro and GeForce families remain.

The NVIDI branding program has 17 Laptops. Common suspects include Acer, Ashes, Dell, Gigabyte, HP, MSI and Razor. NVIDIA does not pay a low price, but these laptops start from $ 1,599 and are very high, as per configurations.

On the one hand, NVIDIA and its partners are guessing for the 15-inch MacBook Pro. Comparing to RTX Studio laptops for release in NVIDIA's presentation and press releases compares Apple's popular high-end laptop. It is a mainstay of the professional community – only AMD GPU is used. Apple is causing problems due to keyboard issues and Apple's software development. Nvidia and its partners can be sure that blood is in the water.

With the introduction of Intel's new CPU, NVIDI now starts their new quadro RTX GPU. The first RTX studio laptops are expected in June.

SDKs and Creator Ready drives have been added to the studio brand

The ADV for the execution of Nvidia and their NDD studio brand, along with RTX Studio Laptop branding initiatives.

According to NVIDIA, a portion of their SDKs and libraries are under the studio, similar to how the machine learning SDKs move across the same NVDA CUDA-X. We do not have a list at this time, but it seems to be about rendering and display SDs for the content creation.

The Nvidia Creation Ready Drive program was released two months ago and expanded into a new studio program. They are now studio Ready Drivers. The nature of the driver program has not changed – they were the most tested drivers, and their distribution distribution was merged with the main created applications – although their branding. As before, Nvidia's goal is to offer drivers to a well-tested range of content building applications, and are not the company's gaming-frame game readers, and are not releasing occasionally. According to Nvidia, Studio Ready Drivers will always have a matching Quadro Driver Release. It also includes all NVIDIA GeForce GTX, ARTX, Quadro (RTX) and Titan cards from the Pascal Architecture.

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