Sunday , May 28 2023

Instagram denies viral claim that it hides most posts from users


Over the last year, people have been posting claims that only seven percent of Instagram followers see a user's posts. Pinterest and Facebook, where users, often advocating for small businesses on Instagram, ask people to like and comment "Yes" in order to improve a user's "rank" and gain more views.

Although the seven percent post has been around since January 2018, it recently gained more traction, seeing thousands of likes. Instagram has now come forward to debunk the claim in a Twitter thread, commenting, "We've noticed an uptick in posts about the reach of your photos to 7% of your followers, and would love to clear this up." It explains that the Instagram feed shows the order in the order of the accounts that you tend to interact with the most. That means that you have to see all the posts from you are following eventually, assuming you have the patience to scroll all the way down.

Many users responded to Instagram's tweet, saying that they preferred the chronological feed that does not use algorithms to guess their preferences.

While it turns out that the viral claim is largely untrue, the people of like that ask and engage with a post in order to boost the user's ranking on people's feeds is true (although interacting with that one post alone is not going to do too), and likely partially explains why the post went viral.

Some of the user posts have been removed, by Instagram or by the original posters. We've reached out to Instagram for comment.

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