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Huawei CEO says China should not punish Apple

In an interview with Bloomberg about calls for boycotting in China, Apple (AAPL)"We will oppose such a revenge from Beijing," he said. Merger with the US is getting worse.

"This will not happen first, and if the second one happens, I'm first protesting," Renberg said.

According to Ren, Apple is the world's leading company and will not be mobile without internet. "Apple is my teacher, it is progressing in front of us, why do I object to my guru as a student?" He added.

Comments are as if Ran's company is in crisis.

The US Department of Commerce introduced the hubby in a trading blacklist earlier this month and effectively blocked business with American companies.
Prohibition is a supporter of suppliers Google (GOOGL) ARM Holdings has tried to woo the relationship with the Chinese company. Best carriers in UK and Japan face delayed launch of Huawei smartphones.

The world's largest telecommunications equipment maker and second smartphone brand Huawei are under threat of US control.

With Washington prohibiting Chinese company, the smartphone industry was inspired by Hue's encouragement. An analysis by Fitch Rating wrote on Sunday. Samsung has banned consumers from across the globe instead of the Huawei smartphones.

What did Huaíve land do in hot water with the United States?

Huawei and Apple had a big difference in Huawei's home market in China.

Huawei has over 30 million phones in China in the quarter end March 31. In the last year, 41% are the same.

In China, iPhone sales were down 30 percent. The country is the main market for Apple. Greater China, including Taiwan and Hong Kong, accounted for 18 per cent of total sales in March.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that to improve sales of iPhone in China, there would be "better trade negotiations" between Beijing and Washington and raised "a very positive customer response to the pricing process we're taking in March."

Huawei is the first major accident in China's conflict with the United States
But thereafter, trade talks between Washington and Beijing broke down. The companies that have both the dollar and the dollar value of American and Chinese products have become more pressing on both sides.

Renewed trade dispute got injured Apple and Fitch ratings by analysts.

"China's loss of China is another appetite for the trade between China and China.

US President Donald Trump last week called Hawaii "very dangerous". But he was able to see the company involved with a broader deal with China.

It's a big joke to kiss a company, "said Red Bloom.

"How are we related to China-US trade?" "He said.

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