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How is the exit of a Champions League league exchanged?

For Jugen Clopps, they will definitely be in the 16th place. But what is the worst case?

For Liverpool, great games are to come.

Jurgen Clopp calls it "the most intense period of the year", it is hard to argue with Red Boss. An appointed time? This can be.

Merseyside derby, maybe wait. The Premier League match on Sunday is a big battle. But now it's comparable to the challenges of Reds.

Clube and players stayed in Paris and were not suspended. Parisian St Germans, who was created for the victory of the Champions League, is waiting for them.

Stage has been set up, stocks are high and Neymar is expecting fit. Kilian Mbappe too. Edinson Cavani will be there. Theoago Silva. Jigi Buffon. Big names, great experiments, big night, in multiple ways.

To win, Liverpool will be in the last 16. Draw, they will also be in the box seat.

If so, think, think, and think. When the finalists of last season were excited about the way to the Kiev, when the team collapsed from the first collapse?

This did not come, but a last minute disruption at Belgrade was shocked by a performance in Belgrade. In a fortnight, maybe two goals have to beat Knolpol in Anfield.

Not the worst scene in the world – even though Reds have handled such challenges in the past, though – anxiety.

Every week, it is advisable to get around an anfield. The Premier League season of Wattford finished with 13 consecutive victories. The Champions League exit turns into a big blow.

Economically, the impact will be clear. Liverpool earned 70-70 million pounds in the last season, targeting a plumming campaign this time around.

Their partnership in the group stage will give them £ 13.5m ($ 17.3m). A $ 2.4m ($ 3.1m), 800,000 pounds ($ 1m) with a draw, additional teams pool, UEFA's new & # 39; comfistent rankings & # 39; Were performing for 10 years in European competitions.

Get out of now, Reds will lose 8.4 million pounds ($ 10.8 million) to appear in the last 16, after which increases will increase when you increase. For example, the race to the final will give them an additional 33.1m ($ 42.5m).

However, the more notable and the sport consumption. Come on before Liverpool, but if they fail here, their progress will be examined. This is a far greater defeat than Real Madrid's return in May.

Remember this, a group of powerful people who are fighting against the need for competing multi-fronts. As their domestic campaigns go well, nobody likes the concept of Liverpool going down the Europa League after Christmas. Except Manchester City.

Every night on the big screen glow, crosses the Reds & # 39; title bits on Thursday night for cross-parlor or St. Petersburg. It is not easy to target the target targeted to the club.

Virgil van Dickk, Nabie Keeta, Fabine, and Mola Salah show up to the visuals that show the vision, but above that view requires a clear success. Liverpool has been around for six years now and there is a movement. You're good, but you're nothing.

Salah Van Dijk Liverpool PS

Last season there were more ways than for football for Levergreen. The reminder of the importance of a reminder that the European Championships will be a force in the modern era of the Pedrodollers and the Super Clubs. This was the hope and excitement that would be the greatest in the future after the most accepted club in the English Football Club.

Will not fail in Paris or fail to succeed. That hope would have ended, but it would definitely ask questions. The group at Liverpool was very difficult, but they still thought about the possibility of progress. After the PSG beat more players than any other.

That night last night's form was an interesting atmosphere. Anffield Specialist, you can say. That night, I felt nothing changed. The device is going to roll out.

The incident happened in Belgrade from the country was a different story. Performances in Nepal and Belgrade indicate a backdrop.

The club's team has no confidence, they say they have blamed, and they are smashing in midfield.

The club took a risk to play with the Belgrade team. They dismissed the main players and believed that there were no football shorts. That too should be done, and you will be punished. Liverpool missed their last four European games at Anfield.

Neyar Mambai PS PS

There is a return on forum for Wednesday. The PSG is a group of stars, but the record of the Champions League proves that they are still far away from a high team.

The League 1 is their relief zone – they have already won 14 of their 14 matches – but they will be difficult to improve their quality. One of the four groups left for Real Madrid, Manchester City and Barcelona in the past seasons.

In the Europa League in 2016, Clapper measures Thomas Thuccal's counterpart in the Borassia Dortmund team and PCG in September.

Thucy has more reasons than one of the red men's perspectives. We know that a group of people in Parkin's princess will ask questions about his future.

Klopp's location, of course, is more secure. There is no Mukku-Ger response to Liverpool explosion, no. The club is on the right side with Germany.

Trak aims to ensure that their journey is not delayed. It must be a success. How Reds really love when they arrived in Paris.

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