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Hayden Panettier distinct with bif and his dad: Report


Last month, his father, Hayden Panettier, and his companion Brian Hickerson.

Names have been renamed, but in response to a call by police personnel and battery delivered by People's Police in the City Police Department in Green, until 11:44. At a residence in South Carolina on October 25th.

According to TNS, Panettier, Hickerson and Dad David. (PEOPLE's requests were not returned for the actresses to comment.)

Upon arriving at home, the officer in the window saw a window "with two men in the house" and began to clothe her face with the victim's face. The worker was "moving from kitchen to kitchen" and that the other had an unknown thing in his hands and said "the prey was followed."

After knocking on the door, "a Witness (Panettaera)" opened the door " [a] Immediately they came and held him up.

Reported that the "man did not have an assault", the victim told the police that the victims were "a drinking argument" because the victim was "too much drinking water". He denied the man he had drunk.

The victim was "denied" and said, "His downfall has fallen. He refused to go to the hospital.

According to a supplementary report, his face was "left wounded" on his face. "It looked hard." The victim claimed that "lip had a bleeding from the injured room."

In the supplementary report, the victim and the witness "admitted drinking alcohol."

No arrests were found.

Relationship: Heden Panettiere Boyfriend, Brian Hickerson, visits her family in Florida

A dancer and hikers from South Carolina first contacted in August. A wedding in Los Angeles, and the bride's ambassador Vladimir Klitschow, has been separated.

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Peoples pop had given a source to their company that at that time their relationship was not serious.

He is warm, but Hayden is ready to make a decision on what he wants to do next. A regular leave is required. "She is a young person who can allow a good girl and that's what she does."

Panettira (28) and ClitShow (42) attended Kuwaiti age 3½ years in Kuwait. In 2009, Ukrainian Boxing Chamber launched a kiss; They were temporarily divided in 2011. Then they came back again and again and again.

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