Thursday , August 11 2022

Four legionor's disease related to Croxton Hotel


Four Crohn's diseases were reported on January 22 and January 27 after the Crockston Inn lived in the convention center. Nobody was willing to stay at the hotel at the hotel. The health department reported that he visited the hotel on many occasions.

Legionnaires are often contaminated with sources of waste watering systems from sources such as air conditioning systems, air duck moisture and hot tubes. It's not widely available from a single person in the usual events.

The state health department is working with the hotel to find out what may happen. Based on current evidence and previous explosions, the spa results in the spa test resulted in an analysis of the results of currently tested lab results.

The hotel is open to people who live between January 14 and February 13.

Spammers are often confined to their high temperatures and water because of the source of infectious diseases.

Every year between 8,000 and 18,000 people get sick, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Legionnaires are usually treated with antibiotics, but rarely occur.

Smokers, smokers, weak infectious agents, respiratory agents, and diabetes are the major reasons for infection.

Legionnaires The symptoms of symptoms include fever, muscle pain, shortness of breath and loss of appetite.

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