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F1 to review TV positions in 2019

The current production of the previous diesel cars is to create more "speculation" than in the past.

"F1's TV, Media Dean, told Lock Motorsport Dots that" a big flower in 2019 reflects sports speed and speed of cars. "

"If all the camera positions are a rebuttal and you see them in the grantstone, do they look incredibly well?

"The camera angle, or the lenses, did not make it so bad that they looked bad.

"We've always looked at ways to do that, and we're always better off to wip-pan to show a few small strategies and cars high speed.

"Last year, there were some tracks in Japan – we insisted on how good these cars were."

F1, the electric unit continues to sound, which is due to the beginning of the hybrid era since 2014.

"We have done a lot of drama with the car in the car and in the car. If you look at the pictures, they will see the audio on the front and back. Many thoughts have gone through in 2018 and 2019.

Last year, Honda engines performed well.

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Another important area of ​​development in 2019 is Partnership with Amazon Web Services, which allows F1 to add more strategic components to its graphic.

"We're working hard to explain things like AWS and their machine learning skills and under cut / overhead. We use their platform to give data, information and some graphics," Lock added.

"This is a very powerful device, we are engaging in it now, we can not achieve or achieve.

"For example, why do they come in, why did they come in? Why did they come from? We are dependent on a very good interpretation team and you know that we are fortunate in the UK and it will not be allowed in the other 200 regions and 90 viewers.

"We have the graphics that can be explained in detail, and he starts going on those tires, he's going to stop, and actually makes it more energetic because VSC can come out with such things.

That algorithm we think we will use all data from Friday to Saturday .. It will be a great success if we can explain it in a simple and easy-to-read format. "

In 2019, Motor Sports Managing Director Ross Braun talks about F1 TV

In 2019, Motor Sports Managing Director Ross Braun talks about F1 TV

Photo: Amazon Web Services

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