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Does a boy make a lunch dinner to give free food? His mother is telling me lies.

A hurricane hit a cannon in New Hampshire. Television cameras have come down to less than 4,000 after a Canadian employee has been shot in a television camp for a restaurant by a national press.

The gunman claimed that a supervisor had lost a meal of 8 dollars per 8 pm where there was no supervisor. She receives support from a well-known chef Jose Anders' job and a viral impulse, including a contractor to recruit.

But School District is now out of the box with Kimball supporting Kimble. Kimp is lied to the student's mother with the New Hampshire University leader.

Waliya News reported that she had lunch for a period of five years at Mali Valley Regional High Café. This was announced when he was firing on March 29. During the afternoon lunch she was feeding a unemployed student.

After supporting Kimball, a subsidiary of the cafe army company, Brian Stone said in a letter to The Washington Post on May 17.

At the same time, Kembol Associated Press said that the company's free choice cafe offered her a job that she was not interested in returning to work, [with the school district]. "

But the union told the leader that the mother of the student, who was free from Kemble, was now honest with Kembal. His son said that a 17-year-old man could bring his own sweets.

The mother told the union: "I have three children, all of them well-nurtured and eat well." "She was unable to give a hungry baby."

The woman who has not named herself to protect her privacy and the Facebook messages from the Kim has tried to cover the report to the news media.

"We will write down on the basis of the message delivered by the Union leader," Kimball wrote, "but we can see that well."

From Kanimozhi, I got free food for three months without a meal from teens.

The student's mother told the union leader, "Why does Kimalp give his son a free food?

"We can not do anything outside our school system," she told the press.

The Union Leader said that the student's mother's cover was rejected by the camp.

After the story went viral, Kim Bold started a GoFundMe account which was raised to $ 8,498 on May 24. The representative of GoFundMe who checked the previous account, The Washington Post said, "GoFundMe should return to donors and there is no request for refunds."

On May 17th, when a Cafe Services attendant reached the reporter, they told The Post that "the data report is wrong" but refuses to explain. School Superintendent Amanda Isabella confirmed that the district policy would ensure their students' ability to give lunch to each student.

On May 20, Kane served as a subsidiary of Cafe Services served in Bollywood and issued a video statement when he asked for a settlement within the "respect for our employees' privacy and privacy". Record.

"This student did not have anything in the last three months," Stone said. "This worker was not honest and could not follow the procedure."

On May 22, District Superintendent of the school Isabelle wrote: "The demand for employees to return to work was rejected."

"In this case we have made us worry about the destruction of the national and international media interest," Isabella wrote, "but I do not believe that the material was completely rethought."

Post writer Stone says that instead of the moscow friends' organizations who help nutritional food in this area, we should listen to this story's attention. To return to normal, he closed his video statement with a call.

"We want to go back to the make-up kids business," he said, "because that's what we like to do."

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