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DNA can only die from mothers.

Fibrobas, or linked tissue cells. Blue nuclei, green mimiccondria.
Image: NICHD (Flickr)

In High School Biology you will find two things about Mittocentria. First, they are the strongholds of the cell. Secondly, you can buy them only from your mother. But a new study seems to be the second point cloud.

Researchers in the United States, China and Taiwan have identified three non-relatives families. Mitochondria from both parents and parents had DNA. This discovery When rethinking discussions about the tradition of mitochondrial DNA, researchers hope to open new ways to cure the disease.

A four-year-old doctor who is suffering from fatigue and muscle pain is known by Dzosong Huang of the Children's Hospital Centenary Cincinnati. Others are symptoms of a mitochondrial disorder and have therefore examined the child's mitochondrial DNA. By finding an extraordinarily high "hepatoplasm", different mitochondria seem to have different genetic systems.

In Mastered, he followed the Mitochondrial DNA of his other grandmother and grandmother and grandmother of his grandparents and grandparents. As expected, the boy accepted the strange mimiccondria from his mother. His analysis, however, revealed that Mittocondrial DNA was inherited from the mother, two grandparents, and two parents.

Huang arrived in other labs. Seeking families with members of high profile heteroplasms Some individuals have inherited mainschondrial DNA from their parents' parents. Where mothers will go to their children. Furthermore, the Baylor College of Medicine in Huang to collect blood samples free to change doubts and change the matrix conventional DNA sequence of three families. Their results are confirmed by Huang.

Other endeavoring to show Mormoncontrol DNA on parental or parental distinction is to produce these effects naturally. Gizmodo has reached several sources outside to comment, and we'll update the post when we hear it. It is not clear how the mutton mitochondria would be culled since the semen fertilization laying the mitochondria of the sperm after it is fertilized. The new paper published in the Proceedings of the Scientific National Academy of Sciences suggests that the mitochondrient fluid capability of the egg should be traced.

These learning programs have a great deal of influence over evolution. The mother's rights are "totally dominant". Writing writes-an absurdity of a law. Huang was more interested in treating the disease.

You may be familiar with another project, in which researchers have three parents – eggs from a donor, an ovum from one mother, and sperm from a father. This was preventing her from going through life syndrome. Huang explained to GingModko that "this is a very complex and valuable process." Perhaps, it is possible to change the maternal aunt's father's mitecondoria, and these options can be given without these three options.

It is sometimes difficult to find firm laws in biology, even among the most well-known facts.


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