Thursday , August 11 2022

D.C. – Area Weather Forecast: On Wednesdays a heavy snowfall and subsequent snowfalls


* Winter storm Mercury From 1 to 7 (Except Until 1 pm West of Jupiter, in the north-west) | Winter Weather Advice At Stafford County and Southern Maryar on Wednesday 1 pm to 4 pm *

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Some substances in daytime weather, from 0 to 10 scale.

7/10: Stay calm even before the calm of the likely calm Wednesday

Not expecting

Today: Mostly cloudy, clouds are coming late. Tall: 40-45.

Today: Cloudy with snow, late-growing. Fragments: 25-30.

Tomorrow: During the frost, heavy, and then a frost mix, then, in frost and in the rain. Tall: 30-35.

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Wait for details

Sunshine is a rare commodity this week, and today evening, when you're late in the evening, enjoy the today's dry vacation. On Wednesday afternoon, most places have snowfall, snow falling, and on Wednesday night we are welcomed by heavy snowfall. Some clouds are sleeping on Friday before a white weekend dinner. Sunday evening is 60 degrees Celsius.

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Today (Tuesday): The cold winds facing the northwest can harden the cold. It is a good day to get some errors before the storm. It is 40 to 45. The clouds increase in the evenings and evenings. Confidence: High

Today: From the Southwest to the North-East, snow is snowing during the summer season from 4 am to 7pm. There are light light breeds between the 20th and 30th of 30th. Confidence: Medium High

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Tomorrow (Wednesday): Difficult morning trips are expected to be limited due to limited visibility and fast storage, particularly on unprocessed roads, due to heavy loads in the snow. The snowy period is near the snow. Pointed to the south east side. The snow falls and the snow falls to the north until the snowy fall. The milk in the south and east of the district is well known as the rain or other than before or after sunset.

The maximum temperature is 30 degree Celsius between the 20th and 30th of May at 30 noon. The total collection of ice sheets and ice sheets was supposed to be 2-5 inches but heavier in northwest areas (to the south-east). Electric shocks and trees can trigger the scattered electricity crisis, particularly the north and west of the city (zone 1 on the map below). Light winds from the east. Confidence: Medium

Programming note: Keep an updated and detailed summary in the event of the afternoon. At times, some of the above maps can be adjusted for snow and ice predictions.

Tomorrow night: The heavy rains in the north-west and the west side of the city are worried about traffic congestions such as the south east, south east, rain water, walkways and pregnancies. When the temperature ranges between 30 and 40, regular rains are hiding in most places in this area. The western hurricane is located in the west and northwest suburbs, and can continue to maintain cool surface anxieties. Some delays in Thursday morning, especially in regions 1 and 2 in the zones. Confidence: Medium

A help

Thursday When the temperature rises at 40, some sky will rain through the clouds. In the afternoon shower, the temperature rises to a maximum of 50 degrees Celsius. A little bit over 30 on Thursday night. Confidence: Medium

Friday Some sunshine fogs finally dropped to 40 in the sky. It rains today. Less than 30 range. Confidence: Medium

Our end The weekend It feels trivial, but hot in February. Saturday afternoon on Saturday afternoon. Saturday night will rise to 40 degrees Celsius on Saturday night. It is 50 degrees hot between 50 and 50 Sundays. Confidence: Medium

Snow Potential Index

A daily assessment of a 0-10 level capacity of at least one inch of the next week.

9/10 (): On Wednesday morning snow would be closed as a lock.

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