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Blue moon 2019: It is full moon

According to NASA, this weekend's portrait is not a moon, but a blue moon.

No, it really does not exist Oh Blue.

The blue moonlight has two ways.

The most famous definition of a blue moon contains two complete satellites in the month of calendar – the second blue moon.

This happens as per NASA data every 2.5 years.

Another way to define a blue moon is a full moon full of three full moon days. That definition goes to 1528, which is the full moon of this weekend.

Astronomical Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) runs on 20th of summer equilibrium on March 20 to spring solar system.

During that period there will be four full moon.

March 20 (Winner of the Moon)

April 19 (pink moon)

May 18 (flower moon and blue moon)

June 17 (strawberry moon)

The strawberry moon is before the volcano that forms the fourth moon in the spring. On Saturday it creates a full moon on a blue moon.

The geologist says that Neela Chandran is the last season of May 21, 2016.

On Saturday at 4:12 pm, Chandran is 100 percent full. According to NASA's comments, the CDD will be visible from Friday night to full coverage.

May also has several nicknames.

Local Americans used their names every month for suburbs, as Almanac's Almanac, who began to publish their first names in the 1930s.

It is also called Chandranna, which is called Chandrakala and Chandran.

The next Nila Chandran is in Halovine in 2020, according to the National Weather Service.

There Yes They are rarely seen in blue-like satellites. In 1883, when the volcanoes of Indonesian volcano cracked into the atmosphere, one of the best examples was the touch of gray matter.

The lunar surface was scattered in the atmosphere. The other colors spread the light. NASA, the moon appears in blue.

After the volcano, blue-plowed moons appeared for years.

In 1980, the blue color satellites were discovered as a result of volcanic eruptions, including Mount St. Helens in the state of Washington.

The moon was at 6.35 pm on Wednesday. CT will be in Birmingham on Friday. It will take place at 5:46 PM. It will rise again at 7:40 pm. Saturday is Sunday at 6: 27. The last moon in the weekend ends at 8:42 pm. Sunday. Click here to see the times in your area.

On Saturday at 4:12 PM, Poonchandra will face. CDs will appear completely before and after.

On Saturday at 4:12 PM, Poonchandra will face. CDs will appear completely before and after.

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