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Black Friday 2018 Amazon is now available: Fire TV, Recast DVR, Fire Tablets, Blink Cameras




Looking for an Amazon echo, fire tablet, fire TV, Kindle or any other device on Amazon? You had to wait because the company's Black Friday deals were just started. More and more are coming soon.

Look at the gear next week that stuff is being sold today. Some of these important days are some of the best days, some of which are even better.

  • New deals and prices have been reviewed and updated on Sunday, November 18.
  • We've placed the latest selling items at the top of the table.
  • Please note that CNET receives revenue from selling products featuring on this page.

Deals are now available

The new fire TV started on Sunday. You can get instant things right away.

Fire TV Remast 500 GB: $ 180 ($ 50 off)

Sara Two / CNN

Fire TV is a hardware hardware that acts as a dedicated DRV hub for your media streaming needs. The CEET's TIME Pandelibbure "is more than a company that cuts better compact than you can," from November 18th, you can see the $ 500 version.

Need more storage space for rearranged reruns? 1 TB version with four tuners will be reduced to $ 220 and will save you up to 60 dollars.

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Eco Sub, Two EcoS (Second Generation): $ 250 (Save $ 80)

Sara Two / CNN

Adding an instant bass upgrade to the echo line of the Amazon Eco Subscreen Speaker – you'll get both the best of both music and music for you.

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Echo Sub review

Eco Sub, Two Eco Plus (Second Generation): $ 330 (save $ 100)


EcoSub and two echo smart speakers for a better combination. If you ever want to raise, choose a pair Echo Plus instead. They add a temperature home sensor to the mix, a smart home hub.

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Echo Plus Review

Fire TV stick, Eco-dot (second generation): $ 40 (save $ 40)

For a cheaper price than an ordinary echo dot, you will have a smart speaker and a streaming stick with Amazon in Amazon.

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Fire TV stick review

Indoor cam systems are banned for $ 116

Chris Munro / CNEE

Last year's BlackBerry Indoor Starter kits were offered large discounts. Here are your options:

Do not ask why one add-ons are more expensive than a single-gamma starter kit, which contains the system hub.

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Echo Dot Kids Edition three packs: $ 100 ($ 110 off)

Sara Two / CNN

You can make similar profits in the eco-dot kids edition, three packs selling just $ 100. That's $ 33 each – half of what you eat.

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Hshak show two packs: $ 340 ($ 120 off)

Taylor Lisenby / CNET

Amazon has now launched a new, second generation EcoShow Touchscreen Smart Speaker. From Friday you can buy 340 dollars, which you have to pay for $ 120, usually less than what you pay. And less than 10 dollars less than a Black Friday discount in a single unit.

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Echo Spot Two Pack: $ 160 (save $ 100)

Chris Munro / CNEE

Need a pair echo spots? Amazon will tell you 160 dollars, which is 100 dollars less than you normally would. Single spots discounted $ 90 starting from the Thanksgiving Day, so this deal will cost you $ 20 if you plan to buy two.

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Fire HD 10 Tablet: $ 100 ($ 50 off)

David Carnoy / CNET

Amazon's largest tablet is an Alexeux-Power handset device.

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Fire HD 10 review

Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet: $ 150 ($ 50 off)

David Carnoy / CNET

A big screen and a great price, a suitable fireflies for the baby and the parent.

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Fire HD HD tablet with Charge mode Charging Dock: $ 145 ($ 60 off)

Sara Two / CNN

Show Mode Charge Dock will always convert your fire tablet to an E-Show viewing smartphone. From November 16, you can get a package of up to 145 dollars.

Already have a Fire HD 10, Need a Dock? Starting in November, the price of the Amazon is $ 10.

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Wednesday, November 21 begins

XT Cam Systems worth $ 150 has been blocked

If you get a Blink camera system that you can release, you can start selling Blink XT systems on weather forecasts until November 21. Here are your options:

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Thursday, November 22

Happy turkey day! Here's Echo and all other things come here:

Echo Doug (Second Gene): $ 20 ($ 20 off)

Echo dot (third-gen): $ 24 ($ 26 off)

Eco-Dot Kids Edition: $ 50 ($ 20 off)

Echo (second gene): $ 69 ($ 31 off)

Echo look: $ 50 ($ 150 off)

Echo Plus (Second Gene): $ 110 ($ 40 off)

Echo Show (Second Generation): $ 180 ($ 50 off)

Echo Spot: $ 90 ($ 40 off)

Amazon Smart Plug: $ 5 An Eco Equipment Purchase ($ 20 off)

Fire fire 7 tablet: $ 30 ($ 20 off)

Fire HD 8 tablet with hands-free laundry: $ 50 ($ 30 off)

Fire HD 8 tablet, show mode dock bundle: $ 80 ($ 40 off)

Fire Fire HD 8: $ 40 ($ 10 off)

Fire 7 Kids edition: $ 100 ($ 70 off) in Eco-Dot Kids edition bundle

Exo dot kids edition bundle fire fire 8 kids edition: $ 120 ($ 80 off)

Eco-Dot Kids Edition Bandage Fire HD 10 Kids Edition: $ 180 ($ 90 off)

Kindle Paperwhite (Seventh type): $ 80 ($ 40 off) (Note that this is the oldest version of the paper. The latest 2018 edition)

Ring alarm 5-piece home security starter kit: $ 169 ($ 30 off)

Ring Spotlight Camera 2-Pack: $ 249 ($ 149 off)

All new echo dot and ring video doorbell 2: $ 139 ($ 110 off)

Now the big question: what gear you get?

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More savings on Black Friday, Cyber, etc …


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