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Bak Meifield does not express disapproval of Hugh Jackson's tarnish: & # 39; I'm not going to change anyone & # 39;

Bere, Ohio – Baker Mayfield does not regret his criticism of Hugh Jackson, or even in his national criticism, even if he is lying.

"No, everyone likes to do something bigger than what is real and how it is," he said. "People personally attacked the attack, but I did not want to give my opinion about how it happened and that he wants to do what he wants.

"Even though I am an athlete, I'm never a quirk-cut quarte, it never happened, I never told my mind, so I'm not, I do not like that activity and people do not have to pay attention, I'm not asking for anybody's permission. We are all about the team We are doing this together, and play together and enjoy. "

But the Jackson's fake message, in response to the ESPN, was Mappedfield Mayfield?

"I can not learn in detail what is happening inside the building, inhouse information, not the issue," he said. "We have moved off, we have our coach now that we have our player and we are successful, so we have to focus on that."

When he tried to explain what he intended, he said, "I get it, but I do not have to take any details, that's how it works."

When asked about another time in a 15-minute press conference, he told a reporter, "You're caught up with that word, do not you?"

He did not have a problem with his brother Matt Meyfield. In the first pet "growing" video, he's not a friend of his friend for a fake friend or a coach, behind your back and BI in their job and absolutely poor. Click & # 39;

"Save him," Maffield said, "That's what the family needs, and I expect some of those in the locker room to go to war with me, how is that?"

Another picture of Mayfield Jackson is taking. The first take him to call fake fingers during the reaction

Though Mayfield's negative feelings were shared in firing, he said without consulting Jimmy Heslom, the owner of the matter.

"No, no, no," he said. "It is their decision, I believe them to make right decisions, so now, I talked about that situation and let us go ahead, this week we are playing in a big team and we have to prepare a team that has eight matches to succeed. "

Jackson rejects's request to respond to Mayfield's statement. But a source close to Bedeng's assistant, he said, does not know what the news is about Mayfield. He supported him before he even made a draft. Jackson did not spend time with Maximefield as the coordinator of the coordinator Todd Halley, because Halley was watching the whole team while dealing with all the drama.

Jackson said Jackie was influenced by Jackson's owner Jim Hazal as the internal trouble between the two coaches.

"No, it's not that," said Mepfelf, "I think all that I said was that I would not allow anyone else to make my mind or decide my decisions, I was always my own person who developed those choices and listened to those around me, but at the same time, Making decisions. "

Mayfield asked whether Instagram "fake" opinions and opinions were a way to distract the team about the 30-plus defeats of Jackson's. In his absence 2-1. They beat Cincinnati and Jesse all the way. In this match, Sania was beaten by Bayeles 35-20.

"I do everything with a purpose," Muffield said. "If anyone knew my story about my story, I would like to hear my opinion, as he is saying in his Toy Show, so I deserve him, I have a few things about, and I think it will help this team.

"But I do not try to create an enthusiasm for everyone in this locker room, so we have what's inside each other in this locker room."

Greg Williams has said nothing about Greg Williams's interim coach.

"We saw a Victoria, our day ended yesterday, today we were busy, so I had no chance to talk to him," he said. But now they hope to handle the right things and do the right things and guess the right team. "

When a critic argues that the quartets like Drew Bruce, Pete Manning and other critics do not behave this way, can a former coach say such things? Mayfield's long-time critic Fox sports one colin kohard has supported this stand.

"That does not bother me," Mayfield said. "They are their own and I have not tried to be like them, yes, there are things that I really appreciate about both of them, but I will never try anyone else, that's my best version, that's why I brought it here."

Similarly, mayfield's allegation may be the solution to the mature issues in Oklahoma. In the last season, when he played in Croatia, he pulled his crane out of reach, took into account the common grievances and scandal over a night of arrest.

"Some of the mistakes in Oklahoma are not trying to conceal and arrest," Mayfield said. "It's the only mistake I've made in Oklahoma, and I'm in a 100% comfortable time with my own skin, and I'm always with me, and that's all I'm, it's not mature, and I'm all day long, I think it's very important for our team to be that person."

Mayfield accepted that she had learned to face criticism over the years. Believe it so much. He was fighting for everything he had won. He walked twice in Texas Tech and Oklahoma. He walked with enmity, such as cultivating the flag at the Ohio Stadium. Often, he had a storm's eye, to this day, there are still critically acclaimed critics.

"I think it's a lot of work for my whole life," Mafeel said. "Everyone has always a comment, you get it, but you're blocking it, and I'm not going to play what I do if I'm not working," he said. "I have a right, I have the right, but the most important thing is my work, I can control both things, and people do not understand it, yes, the quarta makes a little noise, but how am I doing it does not change anyone?"

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