Friday , January 27 2023

After the loss of Aaron Rogers by Green Bay Pickers,


Aaron Rogers swore one thing.

Green Bay pickers will not run "tapes" in 2016, and after 4-6, their mantras have won the NFC Championship Game.

At Sunday night, the loss was lost at 24-17 Sunday at the US Bank Stadium.

"I know I can play well," he said. "I have to stand here, let us take the place of ourselves."

That's how Rogers ended the press conference in his post.

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Before that, he admitted that this season would not even get the best time to serve. Yes, their remaining schedule has five winners who connect with the easy ram on the NFL. But after losing Vikings in Tier Breaking they lose 9 to 6-1 Playoffs.

"You can break the numbers there," said Rogers. "But I do not get up to 8-7-1.

Now when we're a record expert, we need some help from some of our teams, and we've got to save our own business, do you know that? One way to win a game on a road .. 0-6 on the road. We returned home, beat some time, beat Arizona … then come back and beat Atlanta … Chicago, we have won many places, beat them … Go to New York around Christmas, beat them … Then come home against Detroit and get a little help. "

Rogers's play is not as bad as it comes to this season. He was not exactly in the past. After the game, Davante was suspended by Adams, and thought he could have a 20-yard touch in the fourth quarter, rocky Ecuanyoum's at St Browne's quarter. In a match a week earlier, he scored a third in the quarter-finals of Marcus Waldes-Schenggling.

Since they became the Rogers Starter in 2008, they were the first to begin with. He lost his seniors with collar collar last season. This year, he had a knock of 1 a week but in case he was a factor, he started all the game.

"It's really disappointing," Rogers said, who was the Super Bowl of the 2010 season? "I've got a lot of beards more than my beard a few years ago, so I know that I can spot football everybody, never wanting to lose a season – especially if you're going to fight for the next five weeks, to sit in a conversation It's going to be enough, and it will be enough, as I always say, and then we will see what happens to these five times. "

Rogers played in the 2016 season. Playoffs a 4-6 record as a long shot.

The loss of the seave is still looking for packages for the "gallinic moment" mentioned by Rogers 10 days earlier 10 days ago.

"We have seen the last five weeks we create," Rogers said. "Are we going to be together in this tense period, or are we going to start a split? I want to intervene to stand together to do anything that may happen, but these five weeks will show."

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