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About last night: Westbrook creates more triple double history

Russell West Brook Triple Double History takes place.

With a score of 100-83, Westbrook scored 23 points, 19 rebounds and 15 assists in his 107th career triple double century as Jason Kid third. Westbrook now has Magic Johnson (138) and Oscar Robertson (181).

Kidzon reached 1,478 at the Games 107. The West Brok Only 760 is enough.

Before the end of the third quarter, the triple double locked West Brook, speaking in front of the media and talking from the heart.

The West Brook said: "Jason Kid, Magic, Oscar and those nominees, I have not even dreamed to speak here.

This special Westbrook triple-double was quite unique. The thrill double, which includes at least 15 points, 15 rebates and 15 assists, is rare. Westbrook has been extracted four times in his career. Only six other players have achieved this feat in the last 35 years.

The Westbrook has helped a clutch assistant to take advantage of the historic night:

Dancic's display rockets vs.

Rookie sensation Luca Donshik Maws created an individual highlight mixed in the first half. 128-108 victory for rocket.

Dancic's first points were a 3-point effort. Dankee was taken to James Harden, one or more of the property, in a broken angle 3.

In the first quarter Donsic rocketers made a counterfeit error and struck the monument as a new social slam.

In the first half of Dalke, a 39-foot barrier was taken to give 18-point lead to Dalmads.

In the fourth quarter, Donnick has 20 points, six rebounds, three three points, two assists and a thief. Not bad for teens.

Lillard flames in the third quarter

Blessors slumped by 11 points during the third quarter and suffered losses in the fourth quarter.

Damien Lillard took 23 points from 7 points and nine shorts. Lilleard grabbed the franchise record with a score of 10 to 3 points with 41 points. Blessings magic 115-112.

Lillard learned that 10-pointers would play ten, Nicholas shared the previous Portland record nine seconds with Nicholas Battou.

"I had no idea that I was 10, and I knew I'd gone for it," said with a smile, "What's this?"

The night is the soil

Josh Okogi has not seen more time in the court when Jimmy Butler came to trade from Robert Covington and Dario Saarick, 76th.

Volkswagen Okui was able to play for 10 minutes against the scores of 128-89 against Scorsese – he did not lose it.

Okogi made three 3-pointers, handed them two assistants, pulled out a strong bottle and brought the crowds and the volts back to their feet.

Night stats

James Hardan added six stitches to the only player in the season, with 25 points, 17 assists, 11 rounds and six steals by becoming the only player in the season. Statistical in 1973-74. This was done by Johnson on 29 March 1981.

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