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9 hot tiger fill, you can hear in Thanksgiving (how to manage them)


The turkey-fi match will speak turkey day.

The turkey-fi match will speak turkey day.

Forget immigration reform, Facebook's privacy policy, and your nephew Fortnight Poison – this week will be the most gambling competition for the topic of the subject topic, November 23th as the Tiger and Phill for the 9th of November meeeeellion Dollars. If it's a sign up lead to this incident, Tiger Fill turkey day is sure to have your aunt Berta's collard leaves more bite. But do not clean it, we've hidden you. Here's how to make friends and family close to your play. (Note: Ordering in ascending order in space.)

1. "Match? What's up?"

In golf and MADC circles, the boring, hanging machine around the program, endless debates in golf-media circles, and some of your family members do not know why Tiger and Phill are playing this week. Do not seize them; Why do you fill in your man's cave on the basis of the competition and the basic principles of the format, on Friday afternoon, in the form of a full-body lilac tiger.

2. "Twenty buckets to watch the golf ?!"

Then your grandfather will be so much more likely that "Greatness" will return $ 19.99 to see Tiger Films. Remember that he gave Season 3 on three occasions Matlock In VHS in 1989, try to convince them that it is not really a terrible deal. Hell and Wrestlemania spent $ 60 Way This game is less real than that. Also, some fun stuff is turned off: players and cadets will be inked; The drone-cams are on the top of the course. And a data stream broadcast from MGM sports book forecasts what the gamers can do with "predictable data integration model". Yes, yes, Charles Barkley would be in the booth!

3. "Sir Charles calling a golf event? Really disappointing you Saw Who's swing? "

Yes, Barclay stole the golf. It all knows that. But this is not important. Man has more tiger stories than Sergey & Roy. He shares some Sofiere ports in the booth. The producers have full lotteries to fill up.

Phil Mitchellsen and Tiger Woods during the 2018 WGC-Bridgestone. Will you see their match on Friday?

Phil Mitchellsen and Tiger Woods during the 2018 WGC-Bridgestone. Will you see their match on Friday?

4. "How sad or how have you heard that they do not allow fans on the site?"

Do you know what hurts are? Fans! This is not WMPO, but … well, we do not know exactly what we have yet. We are still in a perty-dish phase. But for a few thousand viewers around the mess, the light of the low valate amateurs will be given light. The best way to go to Fan Freehoo is to make at least a primary refreshment at home.

5. "The host venue, Shadow Creek, is artificial and artificial."

Precisely! Have a more suitable place?

Las Vegas - April 4: Michael Jordan Celebrity Invisibility Photos shot in the first round of the Shadow Creek Golf Course 2013

Shadow Creep in the first round 2013 Michael Jordan Celebration Invitational.

6. "Tiger and Phill Wash, The 2006 match was more fun.

Oh, please. Like the laser-focus, it would have been the world's dominant Tiger & # 06. Even so, he would have thought about a very person like a 2-iron. At this time a special moment: Both of them are abandoning their career, but there will be enough games to take the shadow creep in their clay, and the tiger has ended the kind of tiger that will allow at least some of the sportsmen. Why can we enjoy: Two old competitors try a new one – the best alternative to Guy Ferry Marathon on the food network.

7. "The whole thing is taking the shameless money they played with their own money."

When successful people give private brands to life style lifestyles, are their critics defending those moments as "shameless"? Is capital simil for capital sponsoring? Is not it hell to call her Anna Johnson? And then men Love it Play some of their dough. The match organizers have the ability to play On-the-Flist Propasets with money going to the winners of the winners. The first ball, for a cool 200k, is already on board.

8. "The competition is dirty."

There is always a plot of the trinist on the table. Amla Letter is yours. Vegas, or Russian oligarchs. True, this incident is much better Frost in Broadway But Tiger and Phil – those who tried to make their way from their junior golf days in Sokalah to the next – could not convincingly wasted no pitch or books on Friday. They will succeed.

9. "Dumb thought."

OK, do not see. Let's go now.

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