Friday , May 14 2021

63 people were killed 631 are gone; The second origin has been sought

Magalia: When Camp camped through Bato County, John stayed in Magalia, a small town where he stayed. Now he called home for several years. He knew he would leave, and he could not say that he could return.

On Thursday, Timbalard, a resident of San Mateo, ran on the front of a real estate – a property that runs off and runs a ski road – still shocked by its damaged damaging fire.

The 29-year-old Loma Prize stormed Bay Area, survived the earthquake.

"I thought (LOVE LOVE) was bad, with freeways crumbling," said Pohmajevich. "But even this was not even bad."

Camp Fire has now claimed 63 lives. Compared to the number of deaths in the Bay Area camps, 631 are still missing.

Among the most recent deaths, there are three in Paradise, three in Magalia, one in Konkou. Sheriff Coori Hanoi said 53 suspects had seen the fire blasts directly.

In addition to the first source of Conuvue, firefire officials said the second fire was caused by fire in the Colk area. According to the California Highway Patrol Report, 165 vehicles were burned. New ruins were found

This weekend President Donald Trum, California's deadly camp fire, the most dangerous wildfire in California history, has destroyed 9,700 homes today, destroying 11,862 buildings.

Last week, a fire broke out in the beauty city of 141,000 acres and oil counters. In the shadow of Paradise there were two small towns – 40 percent of the inhabitants of Magalia with an 11,000 population. Now, when they grieve and lose, some decide to cut and cut the pieces.

"I think a lot of people do not want to come back, and if this city is restarting … it can take years or years to come," he said. "This community broke open before the fire."

He said that cities like Magallia and Conakov are living in cities like Paradise, Chikayu, and a living standard of living.

"The business was in the paradise," said Pohajajeevich.

Many came to this community because they promised peace and peace. People love "in these areas because they like it," a Republican Congress member representing the Beauty County, Doug La Malfah, and coordinated relief efforts with the federal government.

"People are so relieved," Lamalla said, adding, "Gut all over again will be a long-term basis."

Lamlafe finds out that some residents will not need to rebuild or replace them in places like Magalia and Congo.

But for those on the trip back, the underground PG is better than improved infrastructure systems. Lampalfa requests for the reconstruction process for & e-lines. He wants to remove the tree through roads, towns and cities. So the more "protection area" you see when the emergency pakolists are being burnt.

"I think many people should try again," said Lamlafe, "especially if the infrastructure is improving. "This support, encouraged by the state and country, is very beautiful and many people are good at their side."

Jesus' "Sioux" Fernandes, one of the first camping firing squares, lived in Conakov, and appreciated the meaning of community life in one of the safest areas of the state.

But a terrible catastrophe, such as terrain camp fire, was likely to escape.

"When arriving early in the morning, residents of Conquo ​​were the first attacker and the most difficult," said Geoffrey. "Svargattinumumpum, prior to, or at least a warning. Agnigealannalute cumarukaliluteyum parikkalinumunpil kattunilkkunnatinumunp to remember many of the neighbors are empty for about 10 minutes. The worst thing keankavinekkuricc, but only in a way a way. Tipitikkunnatinulla warning mechanism, resulting in abnormal cell service, Rgiya terrain. "

Poemajeevi says in her quietness the beauty of the outside areas of the beauty county. After living in the Bay Area he moved to his home as a boating mechanism to help his elderly parents retire to Magalya.

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