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& # 39; The Suicide Squad & # 39 ;: Villa Harley Quinn Pete James Guntz in the movie?

Warner Bros. has goals. On Thursday afternoon, fans had realized that the new Guidance on Suicide Squad would be released on August 6, 2021. Galaxy Fire's Guardian 3 This was in October last October after overtaking the jokes made by Twitter in 2008 and 2009. Suicide squad Hit five years after David Aire Suicide squad (2016). Aire's film was a critically acclaimed box office success. It earned $ 746.8 million worldwide.

Negative reviews, fast tone edits, and Warner Bros. – Responding to adverse reactions Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Earlier that year, the picture of Airber brought a general awareness of an unknown subject. Suicide squad The picture was not upgraded. But Harley Quinn, a director of Margot Robbie, created a garden name for a unique perspective on dance diversity. But the next time we see a squad they will be different.

Despite the continuity of the DC film cosmic continuum, the Gun system is described as a reboot, almost all the characters and actors. Of course we miss much of the characters we are presented. Will not return back in 2016, and the suicide squad's idea depends on a group of members who are pulling them from various orbits. Studios have different meanings and need to be repeatedly rebooted. In addition, members of some compromises are expected to return to another corner of the DC movie continuously or DC. The first film was made by Robbie Harley Quinn and Will Smith's DashShot. Would not be surprised if one of the most demanded actors in Hollywood, Rob Smith and Robbie Bird's Premier, does not become a character to the character.

Ayers Suicide squad Inspired by DC's New 52 Periodic Repetitions. It is said that the guns were pitched out of the original 80s by the suicide squad created by John Osterander. So join the expectations of Squad Director Amanda Walor (Viola Davis), Rick Flag (Joyal Kinnaman), Pig Punk and Boomerang (Jai Cortain) Suicide squad.

Bronze tiger

One of the original members of the Suicide squad, Ben Turner a.k.a. Storough history is available at Bronze Tiger DC University. One of the best martial arts in the world He was trained by the League of Assassins, Cassandra Cain, in his first film Birds of ghosts), And has worked closely with Batman and Death Stroke a number of times. Toler spent his early life as a brain character. Waler used suicide in his suicide squad. Together with flaggay, one of the only members of the original suicide squad is Turner. He was not a villain, but was often used as a moral compass of Target. Despite that moral compass, channels have been triggered by the brutality of a bronze tiger to separate them from his life as a tunnel ben-terner. While there is no A-Listing, bronze tiger is one of the most complicated black characters in the comic strip and a great reputation.


If there is a bronze-tiger team in the team, you can see how Gun gains a good love story with a sense that Vincean will be there. Mary is the Tommut Tomé of Mary Jake Macbay, which allows the animals' abilities and powers to let them. A perfectly coke book book idea when used properly. Initially a super hero and a member of the Justice League, Wixen lost control of his animals and killed a suicide. There was a relationship with bronze but their own demons separated them. Wilson is a fun character, as it represents the thin line between the bra and the hero in the eyes of DS Superhur. She was once part of the world's first superhero team. But one mistake came out of him. Vixen may be emotional anchor Suicide squad, Perhaps the only behavior that takes out a real shot and moves to a better one.


Gun wants to tap into some beautiful cartoons and expand his visual insights. Nightshade, Eve Eden, the controls of darkness, shadows, teleport etc. have a better squad members than a spider capable of. But Aden is more than a spar. There is a wild boar lying in the path of the gang. The royal princess of the theater, a princess, brought her mother to a mother in order to save Anubus. One of the missions in a suicide squad enters Natheda's country to defeat Larry, a brother of Natchez. The elements of this story were used in 2016 Suicide squad, But incubus on the table, the suicide squad idea moves to a fantasy roll, in short, the city views and an exciting adventure from the wars of the earth.

King Shark

Half-hearted half. "Naph said. Gurutaramayirunnenkilum, an original member of the super squad, preksakariluteyum satrukkaliluteyum do not want to penetrate the charm of a giant man sraviyaya. At the beginning of supparbeayi tried to marry a villain, King Shark has become one of the akvamanre villanmaril. Recently Suicide Squad comic show, a classmate of the King Shark. A film Thapatratte is illustrated by a familiar character a little more. Perhaps there may be a short-line pre-encounter added akvamiyumayi Suicide squad To the world of the DCU without having to take a persistent continuity. Gunse is connected to this role as part of a chance to make the character's favorite as rocket and grot.

Killer Frost

There have been several versions of the Kamerie Frost in the Commission, one of whom is Caitlin Snow and CW. Flash. For the Suicide squad, we looked at Louis Clarke, who worked briefly at the suicide squad. The best argument for her insight is the cold and ice manipulative forces, which are always cool cinematic elements. Gun, known for her totally vigorous, has added more depth to her character, so she is more than a bow. One of the characters in the Linguistic includes one of the findings on cancer and can play in the cinema. Perhaps the cancer can be eradicated only by going in cold mode, but in this process she lost humanity. A suicide squad member who is already dead is like a clear angle to explore.

The main tragedy

A true member of a suicide squad, or a longtime member, has the greatest impact on all comicets, although the main disaster is rarely used. A Green Lantern villain against the Justice League, Paul Booker can see the problems of the universe and deal with accidents and accidents. Think of him as a living, spectacular feeling of death final destination Movies. Initially his powers came from the arsenal of his own creation, but he made a deal like Neron. Neron Angle is more suitable for a movie. The big tragedy may have a meaninglessness and dress. But the worst member of the suicide squad is perhaps the greatest villain of it.

If he knows, he will be sure when the miracles are put on his hand Suicide squad. He will find a strategic path to increase the reputation of the suicide squad in DC Film University by combining the events of his film.

Suicide squad

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