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Season of all time XI

Sikri and Josh Cockburn are busy. They do not want to face the Jamaican attack. When they have a comb. Where is Patterson Thompson in Barbados lineup? Hell.

"It's interesting that you refer to Rob.

"The traditional view is that Barbados is the strongest part of the WWW, the best of which is the eleven best players, Greenidge, Haynes Opening, Three Balls, Mid Strike, Hall, Marshall and Garner and Garry Sobers, the real weakness is that there is no real spinner (Sulaiman Ben Best of all, it's unlikely even on a turn I think it's on).

1. Gordon Greenidge
2. Desmond Haynes
Concord Hunt
4. Ivanishvili's Weekly
5. Clyde Wallcut +
6. Seomor nurse
Frank Worrell
8. Garry Sobers
9. Wes Hall
10. Malcolm Marshall
11. Joel Garner

A bowling line was put on Gyian's left and center. Gibbs, Harper and Hooper share with the slow bowling teams. But Colin Croffil is best known for Colin Croft, but a small international career only). They do not see a top-care keeper – they may occasionally allow gloves to let Kanhy's trim in or Ramnaresh Sergeev.

1. Roy Fredericks
2. Carl Hooper
3. Alvin Kalliarajan
Rohan Kanhaiyah
5. Clive Lloyd *
Basil Buchr
7. Shiva Chanderpaul
8. Clifford McQuatt +
9. Roger Harper
Colin Croft
11. Lance Gibbs

"Anyone who wants to bat jamaikkakketiraya, Holding, Walsh, Adam Gilchrist, and the devastating bowling parrersan quarter. Demand Barbados is like, they will have the opportunity to Valentine's terms of alpha. Who can keep them dujeaninekkaladhikam Jeff? Headley played for Jamaica in Panama kalikkanayenkilum reaviyu as the middle

Chris Gayle
2. John Holt
3. Jimmy Adams *
George Headley
5. Lawrence Row
6. Marlon Samuels
7. Jeffrey Dujon +
8. Michael Holding
9. Roy Gilchrist
10. Patrick Patterson
11. Kotne Walsh

The best team is Trinidad, Tobago, good batting, all rounder, pace, swing and spin options. Unexpected package.

1. Jeffrey Stolmier
2. Charlie Davis
3. Brian Lara
4. Larry Gomes
5. Gus Lowe
6. Dwayne Bravo
7. Garry Gomes
8. Liar Constantine *
9. Derrick Murray +
10. Ian Bishop
11. Soni Ramdin

"The majority of the territory's a lot of great players nirm'mikkattatinalan leverd Islands the end of history. A period of time during the 80's and older than 90, they are sold, they are to a base, especially with the bat. Richards, Richardson, Ambrose, Andy Robert, he can ignore any sides. Edlain Baptist sq.ft. Itrapradhanamaya keeps the rolls of the West.

1. Stuart Williams
2. Keith Arthtton
3. Rich Richards *
4. Richie Richardson
Kieran Powell
6. Ridley Jacobs
7. Deary Parry
Winston Benjamin
9. Kenny Benjamin
10. Andy Roberts
11. Cutley Ambrose

"They are not gangsters, it's unfortunate Windward Islands, which is not a single true land.

1. Devon Smith
2. Andre Fletcher
3. Irwin Shillingford
4. Johnson Charles
Darren Sammy *
Junior Murray +
7. Norway Philip
Winston Davis
9. Shane Shillingford
10. Nixon McLean
11. Cameron Caffe. "

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