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Vincent Jansen decided to stay in Spurs transfer date, but still in the coming days

Vincent Jaansen failed to make a move away from Tottenham Hotsar. But he may have enough options to close the UK window.

The incident happened in 2017 with a 24-year-old Dutchman. He failed to take an active part in the main European summer. But a few days later the Turks moved to Cyber ​​Fenerbahce.

In the translatorship deposit days, negotiations were started with the Netherlands's international loan program, Shakeel. But they did not really exist. Bundesliga Transfer window closed for 5 hours British time.

Real Petis expressed interest in Janssen. West Ham's Lucas Peres and Chelsea's Michael Badshi as they pursued the borrowing.

Manchesee Poceton has already made it clear that it is impossible for Janssen to return to the squad and that it has not worked for the striker in the club.

However, a foreign player who is registered with the Touhounhham team is now spot free because Muzza Dhebay left for China.

After returning from the past month's footsteps, the Dutch who train the Dutch have nine bottles, one in the league's team, in emergency situations,

However, the reality is that Pocheton and academy striker Troy Parrot may be left behind at the age of 17, Harry Kane, Fernando Laurent, Hing Mint Zone and Lukas Mauer.

Vincent Jansson

The team is regularly trained in the first team of the young Irish Forum. Cassian sterling (20), and the rest of the season shifted to Sunderland.

Jansson, Football The club will prepare him to move to other leagues where their windows are open.

Countries like Portugal, Russia, China, Austria, Czech Republic, Israel, Norway, Sweden, Serbia, Poland and Ukraine will be opened in February for different days. Home.

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