Tuesday , September 27 2022

This is why Joe Anderson was furious about Liverpool's Anfield fixture last weekend


Mayor Joe Anderson and city councillors hit out at the Premier League and major television companies over the scheduling of Liverpool's home with Fulham this weekend.

The city leader blasted TV companies for having 'no respect' and said he would be writing to the Premier League during last night's meeting of the full council at the Liverpool Town Hall.

He was joined by a fellow councillor in voicing anger at the fact that people across the country were holding the remembrance services to mark the centenary of the World War One.

Mayor Anderson said that the timing of the match meant that Fulham fans arrived at the Liverpool Lime Street end up disturbing the city's main remembrance service and the period of silence at St George's Hall – through no fault of their own.

And during the meeting, Independent Everton Councillor Frank Prendergast revealed that he and other Everton and Anfield councillors had met with representatives from Liverpool and Everton – who kicked off their match at Chelsea at Stamford Bridge at 2.15pm on the same day.

He told the meeting: "The Anfield and Everton ward councillors had a meeting with Liverpool and Everton about this and they said they had asked the Football Association and the Premier League about it.

"They said the main obstacle was that they had a contract with BT sport who would not want to move it.

"The two clubs were actually very supportive of our efforts."

Fans, police offers and the staff of the team to take part in the Premier League match between Liverpool FC and Fulham FC at Anfield on November 11, 2018

Mayor Anderson said he believed the big TV companies had 'no respect' and said he will be talking to football clubs and saying 'that we will not tolerate this again.'

Speaking to the ECHO, he added: "We had Remembrance Sunday and Sunday held our service outside St George's Hall.

"While our service was still ongoing, Liverpool were kicking off against Fulham at Anfield.

"It meant that Fulham fans who arrived at Lime Street Station came out and were making noise during the actual time of silence.

Frank Prendergast
Frank Prendergast was also angry at the fixture timing

"It was not their fault, because they had no idea that was where the service would be – but it was not just good enough that the match was in the city at that time."

He added: "I am writing to the Premier League and the Sports Minister and saying that a midday kick-off on Remembrance Sunday is not simply acceptable."

The ECHO has attempted to contact the Premier League for a response.

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