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This is the new pose 911

Focus and popular greetings are the most critically acclaimed Internet commentators: eighth generation Porsche 911. & # 39; 992 & # 39;

More attractive to the front of the Motor Motor Show is & # 39; S & # 39; In the forum unveiled. It officially first appeared in the latest generation of German sports car.

The design was identified by the evolution of the old evolution. A designer turns Noby into a designer component. Because "it looks like the last one" will cause you to say "boring". Yes, the layout is a 911, but the proportions have a radical shake- up. Unlike previous 911s, there are no narrow body cars, the front track is developed from 40m and all the cars will be a wide-run bulletin of GTS. It does not matter if you have two or four wheel drive, it's a range of all the bodyshields of everyone. One that's made in aluminum.

Another new introduction is near the horizon; Kariera S. has 20 inches and 21 inches of reeds. The bonnet is a short redesigned design design that began with 911's. This year's design will be copied into the short film on the back of the design design queue. An entire width lightbar.

We first saw in Mission E, Panamara and Makkan. But, a model attribute Porsche takes the initiative of all its models. In front of the LEDs, the Bank is a huge variety of realty spy players – Idiots is perfectly suitable for people. They want to park with them as fun as they are. Overall, it is an incredibly strong and simple design.

Under that familiar form the 911th floor is the most clean and technological. Most importantly, it's quick. It's being used by an engine, though it's just a little behind (from the Porsche Workshop.) This is like the current 911 turbocharged flat-six.

But because of the new, strict emphasis restrictions, it is better and more efficient to work more efficiently. Now are the vaccine of the piezo, a new-fresh consumption system, an exhaust filter with a connection filter, re-positioning intercooling, revised turbo housings, and more. If you're expecting a dream of the old turn car, Saps and Youl.

But it's not that it went soft. Forming a 444 bhp, the former carrier has earned S30 BHP, which is similar to the GTS out of the same time. This is a performance equivalent to 997 turbo. It is not yet possible to take a single burden, but it should be similar to the 991 generation. The back of the drive will be screened by PRD.

Concerned, manual gear boxes do not have a word from Poche, but they will come later. However, the All-wheel drive car 4S holds the same sprint 3.6 seconds. Both cars speed up 0.4 seconds over their current model. Do you want it faster? Be sure to specify more optional spam Krobo packages. Fast speed? If your 911 aperture wheels are 190mph and 191mph it's two.

992 received a technology overhaul. The Central Revival Counter (911) is now 10.9 inches on the center screen. The latest Panamera will be familiar with the regulators. But the real progress is the system. There are usually normal ranges to shrink normally, but now a special & # 39; wet & # 39; Includes mode, so do not descend from the road, thermal imaging with night vision assistant, and more connectivity than you can shake an iPhone X.

When a line comes from 992 Gaussian trillion different colors, they will start roofing roof completely, turn off semi-up off to make a turf, make a bundle with all the options you want, and if they are going to do T, make it a bit smaller, motor port detectedEverything before handing over to the GT division. But there are more enthralling trails in 911. Is this the first example for a hybrid go? Power? Anything to go to race cars? Time will tell.

911 Carrera S PDK will cost you £ 93,110 before you know what you like driving, you will get a lot more options and 4S start at 98,418 pounds.

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