Thursday , June 8 2023

The Singapore Airlines flight has been diverted to Australia


A flight from Singapore to Singapore went off after a flight from Australia to a violent clash with other passengers.

Singapore's low-cost airline, scooter said The plane landed in Sydney for eight hours.

A fellow traveler who traveled on the plane for 20 minutes had become violent and tried to start tactics, said David Garralli.

Video footage involving Guillaume's Facebook is kidnapped by another passenger. "Do I now drive the plane?" Can not say.

It seems like he tried to calm down. Then the corridor flows down from his t-shirt and runs away. Other passengers will go ahead with him hitting him.

Garylli wrote: "Our plane was delayed.

"Around 20 minutes, the plane began to hunt him, and everything stopped him from behind.

"Run from Gold Coast to Singapore for more than two hours and go to Sydney.

"Boyc was finally well placed when he got down."

The video has been viewed 42,000 times.

Soon after the plane arrived in Sydney, the police and paramedical students joined hands. He was admitted to St George's Hospital at 4.30 pm.

An Australian federal spokesman on the incident said: "The yacht is going on a flight from the Gold Coast to Singapore.

The plane was diverted to Sydney and landed at the airport. The inquiries continue on this subject. "

"How is this troubled about the passenger Beard Garcia Facebook?" "I'm happy to see how we handled the scooter and no hotel was given the night as we had hoped to stay in the airport chair.

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"We have explained and explained that our complaint is more than 7.5 hours away, and we have feedback and noticed it."

The FIG Scott asked me for comment on the incident.

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