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The School Christmas Dinner Menu in Pisa, and a Chicken Nugget were angry


After a great popular reaction, a meeting of the Welsh Council to serve piss and jelly with children instead of Christmas dinner.

Margherita pizza, sandwiches, cucumber, carrot woods, strawberry jelly etc. were all arranged across the Paice School.

The Pope's Council also said that it will now be given an extra dinner to bring back traditional dinner to overcome "extreme financial pressures".

Within four days, a petition was filed with regard to party-festive festival in 5,800 signatures.

In the previous years, the council had taken extra costs to spend on Christmas dinner. Now parents are asked to cover an additional 70p.

Original menu designed by Powys Council

Joe Jones, Powice County Councilor, and Council Against Poverty Reported Champion.

They said: "We know that we have children who depend on food at school, and we know that we have families who are suffering.

"This is only for children of traditional Christmas dinner.

"I know that the councils are fighting for money, but I know it's coming every year, and I will enthrone myself and my children, a major day of the year."

Menu changes have changed after "public feedback" for traditional food.

Joy Jones said, all students will have a Christmas dinner at home

Implementation of 2018 is effective

Sage Swan told two mothers who spoke against the original party's medicine: "Some kids eat meals at school as the main food.

"Who gives the pizza and chicken food as food? If I do this, my kids will be shocked.

They are worried that children are overweight and give them the pizza and the nuggets. "

We tested the deeper friend of the valley in the Christmas Dinner Service

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"Hannah Jones, 30, said:" I pay my girl's school diners and spend more money for a Christmas dinner and do not have to give them food for the meal. They are malnourished and healthy in the machine. "

Newton's mother Jackie Coldwell-Shaw added: "For some children, this is unfortunate Christmas dinner, which stimulates kids and enthusiasm, and that's legacy."

Phyl Davies, a cabinet member for school catering services, said: "We have provided traditional Christmas dinner service to primary school students and the councils – which have more expenses to provide this meal.

The Council's Council will provide its catering savings saving

"The county council is facing extreme financial pressures, and all the services, including catering, are worth saving.

"In that context, we can not afford the price of a traditional Christmas dinner, which will be sent to primary school head teachers at school and a positive term will be introduced in the school dinner.

"Over the past few days, the popular reaction shows how support for a traditional Christmas dinner, we will give Christmas students a year at primary school, but with a slight increase in exorbitant expense.

"For the primary student, all three pounds will increase the price of the food – an increase of 70 pence."

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