Thursday , September 29 2022

The Rafa Benites are in a budget for the United Summit in Newcastle


For the Rafa Benitez (Wilson invited England, who is the manager of the month of October), the highest score (sixth place) is the bowsweet, which is very difficult to score.

In both transfer and transfer operations of both clubs and Jefferson Lermonto it was transferred to £ 26. Newcastle's 11 to 10 dollars (Dabucco Paulus 4m, Yevlene £ 5m, Fernandez £ 6m, Score 3m, Dummt £ 0, Diame £ 4m, K £ 0, Kenedy Loan, Pérez £ 2m, Rondon loan).

Matte Ritchie is a fool for the course and £ 12million for Burnemem.

Even more foolish, he decided to leave the Premier League Baronnau for the Matt Ritter Championship Newcastle because he was awarded …

Eleven people facing BWW, this is actually an international football team, Peres and Kredi.

In sub-Syrian Clarke and Christian Atsu, you need to be an international team.

It's not a big team, we all know it's joined together with a relative shoot. It is bargaining for borrowed transactions and free transactions.

Nevertheless, the experiences Raf Benetors have always experienced and many internationalists ages 11 to 6 and older than 29 years or older. For the other five players, Caden (22) is under 25 years of age.

Three experienced players (KDD, Dabbawka, Scar) have left. The other eight players consisted of at least three Premier League seasons (including this). Some of them have more Premier League experience.

There will be no starry quality, but you can see what Rafa Benetas tried to do in a limited budget.

The mileage of Ashley's old dreams can not be avoided from this team. Rafael Benítz does not go for a team of players who can play instead.

Ashley responded to an abandoned team on the last day when the money was spent on young players from weak leagues that had not been played in England three years ago – when Nazis was expelled nine months later.

One day we will find what Rafa Benetes will do if we have a realty budget but in the meantime, we will see his experience inequalities in a very limited budget.

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