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The next jun-air ports are the health issues in the first half of 2019


DigiTimes In the first half of 2019, Apple's & # 39; health monitoring features & # 39; Apple will launch next generation of airports.

On the basis of wireless headset, Apple is preparing to launch Airport 2 in the first half of 2019. New wireless earbuds with new displays for health care are getting an enthusiastic market response.

An article in 2019 describes how the PCB may develop the development of compost. But no sources of airports are reported against the rumors. The "distribution components" for Tian based circuit board manufacturers Sung Din Tech, Flexium Apple Watch, and Airports are now connected.

The sources of DigiTimes often provide reliable information, but the mixed track record is the site in interpreting that information and understanding of Apple's plans. The news site receives a flood of data from the Asian distribution network, some of which show that prototypes or test products are not accurate, nor does it change precisely before market or change.

With it in mind, without making sure the sources, DigiTimes An apocryphal forecasts from apple analyst Ming-chi Kyi, who know that new airports will start in a wireless charging case in the fourth quarter of 2018 or 2019. In early 2019, new wireless airports are expected.

The list for the new Air Pads has been added to regulatory data of the Bluetooth Special Interactive Group in November, and the revised version of Access is coming soon. No new features are listed, but the upcoming AirPods will work with the Bluetooth 5.0 specification, compared to Bluetooth 4.0 in previous-generation AirPods.

Apple has been working on third generation airports in 2020. Apple starts with a new design and perhaps better water resistance. This will allow airports to "turn water and rain away".

Airports may not be completely immune to water, but can not be immersed in water. These third generation airports and sound launch features include a range of airports that can be accessed from both iPhone and iPad.

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