Friday , June 9 2023

The material on the ship's Super Blood Wolf Moon has been crushed


A small meteor shower is a small piece of light in the lower light of the lunar eclipse. Picture: Griffith Observatory

When a supermenum appeared on Sunday in the Super Blood Wolf Moon, a careful observer gave bonus unexpected and meteoric agonizing effects.

A comprehensible quick picture, inspired by redditators to produce pictures from different sources. As the total solar eclipse started, every day at 11: 41 p.m. Scientists and astronomers have come up with more images and views on Twitter.

Its impact Officially confirmed José Maria Maddio, an astronomer at the University of Hausova, Maddie and his colleagues have been observing the moon for years. The mirror of the telescope is called the Mid Impact Detection Analysis System.

On Sunday, sunrise completely seized a meteorite from the moon.

"I had a feeling, this time it will happen," said Madidio New scientist. "I was really happy."

It is easy to assimilate glimmer over the surface of a dark third, so the Madras satellite observes new satellites and lunar eclipses on the Moon's moon. Madido's initial assumption was that the Lunar roar was in the shield of Glory, spending two kilograms (four pounds) on a football site.

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Observing the Moon's meteorites is important for the astronomers to understand the surface of the Moon and to rebuild its influence.

For casual observer, they are looking very nice.

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