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Speedboat killer Jack Shepard handed him over to the police


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Jacques Shepherd allowed Charlotte Brown to bring his speedboat "excitement", Old Bailey

A few months ago, one of the men killed in a speedboat on the River Thames was found guilty of one of the victims.

Jack Sheppard sentenced to six years in jail for killing a 24-year-old Charlotte Brown.

From March 31, Georgia arrived in Georgia from 31-year-old Georgia.

Brown's father, Graham Brown, said: "I feel very emotional about my daughter getting justice."

He was talking to BBC Radio 5 live system. "I think the family will help us to deal with our losses and heart-cleaning in the last three years.

Sheffield said, "It's a very cruel man who upped two fingers into the judiciary system."

"He has done the right thing and has handed himself over to himself," he adds.

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Charlotte Brown Shepherd took over in December 2015

A spokesman for the Embassy in Jerusalem confirmed the Sheppedes arrest. On Tuesday, Bourne's family met with Sajid Javed.

He is eligible to hand over diplomatic agreements in Georgia and the UK.

In his final minute "Freeman", Jardine Russia TV before it was transferred to him during the "exclusive interview" Shepherd's displays are displayed.

Shepherd, who spoke English in an interview, described it as "a tragedy".

He said: "There were shortcomings in the ship, but when the experts brought my defenses removed the boat from the water, these errors developed.

"At the time of the accident, the Charlotte boat ran, but unfortunately, this fact forgot, and the media did not mention it."

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Jackel Sharpd was shot in George on Wednesday evening

The home ministry in Georgia, the law enforcement agency in the country, told the BBC that they had worked with the Met Police Police to track the shepherd.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) has reported that police are under arrest in Georgia.

"His identity has not been officially confirmed, but if the man is proven to be a shepherd, he will act immediately."

After visiting the dating website Occupied, on December 8, 2015, Shepard took a date on Ms Brown.

Brown spent 150 pounds for a meal at a restaurant in the Sherda restaurant before Brown found out that his owner claimed.

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Media captionCharlotte Browne's father ordered him to hand himself over to the killer

When the branches were pulled off the waters near the Wandsworth Bridge, they left the boat and threw the Mr. Brown and the Shepherd.

From Claudton in Clichon Essex to Brown, Brown began to seize the crystal.

The cold drowned in water.

Shepherd appeared first in Old Bailey on 26 January, alleging that he was very disrespectful.

Judge Richard Mark Qucci was released from prison but did not hesitate to face trial in the jail.

An international arrest warrant was issued after the sentence was imposed.

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