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Premier League: 10 talking points from weekend soccer football


1) Participation of a work for Özil and Emerine

Methus URL can not skip question marks. In the second half Arsenal survived in the Burname, even in the Burnemeum, where he was asked to heat as Uni Emir. – In his own words – "decided for other options", at least when the body signed the new contract in February, he thought about Eurozone rubber, Virgila Poltava. The best job of Osless is a character who has never participated in the essay 3-4-3, while fielding in nos-10 this season. "Arsenal said," Arsenal's balance between playing up to 17 matches, nobody suspects that Osley is capable of unlocking a defense, but his expectations of an embarrassment between attack and defense may have left his expectations indefinitely. Nick Amas

Match Report: Bergvouth 1-2 Arsenal
The Burnemouth drop was asked for a drop of mosque, Emery says
Nick Amas: Emory's strong tricks bear fruit

2) It is possible to see Shari's stroke after the loss of players

Málílós sari had warned that if the lessons were not learned and the lessons were not learned for weeks, it would come. Chelsea will gradually be punished from the start. "The problem now is clear, I expect the players first," he said, "a lack of emerging state of emergency and an incompatibility to" give up ". Five media players who failed to reach the media after the media were born. It was the first time that the defeat of Sari was played in 19 matches, with a short view. Correct explanation for placing openings. "It reminds us that the Premier League is never easy, it's good to know," said David Luis. "We are happy, but coach has been a bit of a lot of times when we win," Sari said, adding that Sari wants to progress every day. Dominic Fiffle

Match Report: Tottenham 3-1 Chelsea
Dominic Fife: Steve Jericho faces Jericho to retain Chelsea's title
Hazard again says he is likely to leave Chelsea in the summer

& # 39; It's a disaster & # 39; – Chelsea's defensive power is weakening in the defeat of the Spurs – Video

3) Learn & # 39; s learning & # 39; s learning from Madison dyeing. Was determined

Within 28 minutes he left for the tunnel and James Madison bowed down after a lapse of two minutes. He made a mistake, and he's one of the most irreconcilable crimes of a football pitch: diving. However, one ounce loan to the Leicester midfielder to go unnoticed. Shortly before the player's discomfort, 22-year-old came face to face criticism. "Nobody wants to see diving for our beautiful game," he posted in Instagram. "I had anticipation in a relationship that I had never come to, but that is not the case, I will learn from it." Madison took the red card to the NAVY lease this season to be 4th. Under the Clause Pull, nine players were dismissed in 33 matches. "Our attitude and our competitions need to be improved." He said. Ben Fisher

Match Report: Brighton 1-1 Leicester

4) Runner's presence felt at Fulham

Respect between Claudio Ranieri and Rian Sesseguna was the mutual mutual relationship, as Fulham hit Southampton for their campaign. From the viewpoint of the player, the time when Runner Jolie's Slavyusa Jokkanovik was impressed is amazing. "We want to defend a team," said Sesson. "Very tactical – avasanattetinekkal more tactical of the hiking trails. Phulham by the shock of the worst defenses in the league raneriyute weakened attention in every season. The goal for Andrei surelekkum 18-year-old Alexander mitreavikkinum veccukalinnal, praise his attacks and ses'sigineyum Italia Interest is very low. "He was one of the best I have met as well," raneri said. "He is young, critique. He's not easy, but I am happy with his performance. " Jacob Steinberg

Match Report: Fulham 3-2 Southampton
In Fulham's defeat, Southampton's mental anguish is criticized

Claudio Renaisseri (right) at the time of the defeat of Southampton, Marx in March was encouraged.

New Fulham manager Claudio Roneri encouraged Maxim Le Merchantand to succeed Satthapton. Photograph: Rob sabs / frozen in mob / rex / shuttercock

5) Buy Warnock Cardiff to save

Cardiff has been working hard on their success in Goodnes. Neil Warnak is expected to spend a lot of money in January. "We have to go shopping, we think you can bring us better," said Cardiff manager. "It's not easy to find players in January, two or three new players will be able to make the team and make us an opportunity, but we're just right in front of us, we need to get better but we should do our best" Kohle Paterson made the best of the first half. A quality striker, or any kind of recognized striker may have been in the front and could have increased pressure on the house. Patterson's commitment or workplace may not be anything but the need for finishing. If Cardiff returns their points back home they can save themselves, but they are unlikely to run in front of right front. Paul Wilson

Match Report: Everton 1-0 Cardiff

6) & # 39; Fear Factor & # 39; The United game fails to rise

Crystal Palace's golden drawers in Old Trafford's Manchester United still have elements that are scary. Roy Hodson is really Saturday how much of Jose Mourinho's side is at a break. Hodgson said: "There are 75,000 people who look like the best players in the team, and it has a deep strength. [Alexis] Sánchez, [Marcus] Rashford and [Marouane] Fellaini, that tells you one thing, especially people like it [Romelu] Lukuku, [Juan] That's it [Jesse] Lingard started. So they thought they were their best Xi and then brought that bag. Manchester United Manchester United has attempted to change Manchester United. Without a fear, you will not get a team here. "However, the names of all names are hydrated by Paugua, Anthony Marshyel, Nemanja Matiky – United Standings, go one-on-one, stand alone stand. Jamie Jackson

Matchcourt 0-0 Crystal Palace

Goss Maureenho was disappointed after playing goals – video

7) Full packs fly to hunt liverpool

In the Liverpool season, the record holds 13 times in the Premier League. Trent Alexander-Arnold, and Andy Robertson were also helpless. Their efforts in Varkaz Road are summed up. England's right-back Alexander-Arnold fired a free kick from one over to 25 goals. Either he was falling down, he could not cope with Robertson and Liverpool's opponents, a crucial aspect in a serious game and a Wattford. Liverpool has eight clean sheets in the 12 league of the season. He attends five assists more than any other team in the team. I'll love you

Match Report: Wattford 0-3 Liverpool

8) Pallegrini City comforts from Tonging

Perhaps this was a test of where West Ham was this season, how long they might have been in Manual Plegranini, a bit more of the moldings from the molding city of Manchester City. But there was plenty to pick up from Chile. West Ham felt like his opponents were slim and his claims (the City needed and they might have been needed), but he had a much more broader position. Peggrini said, "his team showed me the same mood as against each team. If West Ham is to be a big team, they need to impose their style in other teams regardless of their opponents. This is not always the case in recent seasons. In eight games, they face the first six times, while West Ham now has the opportunity to prove his theory. Paul McKineness

Match report: West home 0-4 Manchester City

After Manchester City came, Sergio Aguero was replaced by former manager Manual Pelegrini.

After Manchester City came, Sergio Aguero was replaced by former manager Manual Pelegrini. Photograph: Through the Alpha Griffiths / West Ham United Getty Images

9) Moi arrives in Moiluxxos

Headlines are essentially of Aaron Moine. Another man who got injured in the Hoodersfield midfield was the best player on the pitch at Moline. Philip's billing gave him the best of the match for 22-year-old Raul Jimenez Bell, with Moey and Jonathan Hogg. Florentine Hedgejogon was on both sides of his game. They differ without distinction. Billing is in progress, but in the challenge he is cheating, and most importantly, he makes a difference in the two boxes. Hedersfield had lasted three matches at this time in a flourishing victory at Fulham House earlier this month. Dane, the Great, also attended another show. "He has grown up," his manager David Wagner recently said. "He became a man." Ben Fisher

Match report: Wolve 0-2 Hurdersfield

10) Icecreams Success Sparks season can spark major news

You can talk about some of the team members, but in Saturday's Champions League season a few weeks started. They faced Inter on Wednesday in the Champions League, and then a little more gentle league games against Arsenal's North London derby, laser, and somethampine before going to Barcelona. It says that both of them will succeed in the European games and they will definitely succeed in the Emirates. But not only Chelsea, but more encouragement and more characteristic. The Mauritius sarry, however, dragged them out of bad performance, strategies and precise interventions. Of course, in the next few games, they will definitely be an ingredient. "We're just getting up the challenge now," said Mario or Pochet. This can be defined in their season. Nick Miller

David Lewis and Chelsea

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