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Plan for Elon Musk Earth Magi Northern star


A major Internet network expert suggests that a bid to plan the world to alter the world's high-speed satellite internet, may have a license to make money.

The low latency routing, like that of the lesser orbital satellite in the satellite Wireless Super-Way Internet, is more like the effort and cost. In recent years, however, this idea has been drawn to the Silicon Valley, especially if a person wants to make it reality. For now Thou knowest him.

The controversial billionaire Elon Musk is his private rocket company, Spetsk, who is building a group of communication satellites as part of the Starlink project.

The US Federal Communications Committee (FCC) had earlier sanctioned 7518 satellites to be sent to space. 4400 have already been approved.

The main components of the project have already taken place, but the space exit for Starlink has not been fixed.

Professor Marc Handley, a computer science section from University College London, is an expert at Network Topology. Recently, Starlink decided to create a simulation of how it works.

"The witness explains in detail, the XXIII seems to persuade the boundaries of many fronts at the same time," he told the press. But he thinks the project is encouraging.

For a rough discussion of space expectations, Handloom company has overseen the FCC submission. Interestingly, the company can rely on lasers to rely on radio waves to transmit messages across satellites, since satellite systems do not need radio spectrum.

The lack of communication with the satellite radio phrikvansikalute each other, we are almost certain to maintain optical communication components, and discussions are likely to conclude that re-entered, "Hand said." It was later confirmed that communications with more than FC, but how to use satellite links to connect to one another, together with laser They have to find out exactly manasilakkunnilla. "

The video below shows what it looks like. Prof Handyley said that he used some educated speculative and basic physics to "fix the gaps" to the Space Express.

Elonne's great weapon

Space XK is the world's most advanced rocket technology. Its reusable rockets will be crucial to the Starlink project. Rocket systems allow abandoned boosters after a normal use can be safely taken back to the ground and reused for other launches.

"In addition to this, it's difficult to see how it's applied," Prof. Handle said. "It is important to understand that this is not only once made, but the moons are only about five to seven years of life, so they are opening two satellites a day.

"They can travel between 25 to 30 moons in a rocket, and if their next generation BFR rocket works, it is not even crazy."

Clearly, the space X, near NASA, is backing the US government.

"I'm happy to see what promises are offered and what these suggested structures offer," FcC Chairman Ajit Pai said on Friday to launch more SPEx satellites.

A license to print the money

A network like this provides an important advantage, even without access to the Internet in every corner of the world – there is a possibility of significant shortcomings for longer communication. Because free space lasers are communicating in the vortex of light in a vacuum, the speed of light through the glass is much faster than the speed of light, which is like using the ground in the fiber optic cable.

Prof Handye has the ability to work with it.

He believes that Starlink can be highly attractive to the high frequency traders in the big banks that can be ready for a speed benefit while trading on algorithm based on the stock market and currency exchange.

It may be like a foreign idea, but you can translate milliseconds from your latency into these large companies, which is an edge where you can respond faster than others.

Michael Lewis 2014 book Flash Boys Spread networks have begun to implement a $ 300 million project – from Chicago to New Jersey with 1331 km of cable production – the only goal of this transition time is from 17 to 13 milliseconds.

Theoretically, the high premium of the Speak Expansion can charge high premiums to the network with the Starlink network.

"This is the lowest amount of money, and I think the use of finance industry is likely to pay bills," said Prof Handyley.

"Social benefits from connecting remote sites will be larger and they will contribute to the revenue, but I do not think if Starlink is just about saying remote connections."

Professor Handley published this week in the US. Presented a research paper on Stalin Simulation in a conference on Seattle.

"Many are well aware of networking researchers knowing of Starlink's plans," he said.

"It's not just the Internet that is placed in Spain – the rapidly changing nature of satellite pots presenting all kinds of networking research questions, and we are looking for networking researchers for a long time."

Ultimately, he thinks that such a network is inevitable. But we can see if SpaceX can withdraw in the coming years.

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